My friend Leeder and I were discussing the benefits of going out alone and it started to become apparent that some of these points needed to be shared with a few of you cats, who can’t seem to detach from the bros. Real men can go out alone confidently, if you have never done so, here is Should I Go Out Alone?: 5 Reasons Men Should Go Out Solo:

It Sets You Apart

It’s rare to see people enjoy nightlife or bars solo these days. Most of the time all you see is a pack of guys on the prowl. You want to set yourself apart from the pack, then be a lone wolf. Call your own shots and don’t always look to bring tag-alongs with you to enjoy your night on the town. Show women that you’re cut from a different clothe.

You Look Super Confident When Approaching a Group of Women

You know what looks hella corny, when a group of men huddle in a club the entire night not approaching any of the women that want attention and conversation. What’s more confident than a single man walking up to a group of women and conversing, making them laugh, and just enjoying their company? If you don’t know what to talk about… talk about the atmosphere, current events, compliment them, or ask them what brings them out tonight. If they’re not biting, no hard feelings. You don’t want a forced situation, you want to vibe with people that make it feel natural.

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It Forces You to Be Social with New People

When you go out with friends, you usually don’t make new friends, because you stay in your comfort zone. Ditch your crew and put yourself out there. When you go out solo, since it’s such a rare sight women will want to know what you’re doing out alone. Make yourself the commodity, be interesting and form bonds with a new group. Also don’t be afraid to socialize with the other guys they might have information that can be used for the next spot or the next night. They might even be with a group of women that are tired of seeing the same faces and you can pluck a few grapes off the vine- accept the role of the new guy. Everyone loves the new guy, even if they don’t the new guy always causes intrigue.

Nature is Your Best Wingman

What I mean by this is when you want sex, like really really want sex, nature overrides the fear of rejection. There is no better wingman than good old fashion testosterone. You see something you want and you’ve had a few drinks you go for it. Nothings greater than you in that moment, you only deserve the things that you try to reach out and grab. I know you’re use to getting food that has already been caught, killed, and cooked for you, but pull from your ancestors you use to be a hunter, a gatherer, you use to be the king of your domain. You’re an ALPHA MALE- act like one!

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It Increases Your Chances of Having a Threesome

Who doesn’t like threesomes? So say you meet two women with your best bro, you’re already trying to figure out who is going to latch on to who. But when you’re solo and you meet two women there’s no need to split the earnings. Entertain both of them and keep your decision of who you want ambiguous. If they are close friends they might not be down for it, but if they are mere acquaintances your chances have just skyrocketed for a menage.  In order to be selfish, sometimes you have to actually go out and conquer solo.

Have you ever gone out solo? What was your experience? Do you have other advice of why a man should go out alone? Ladies, is there a benefit to going solo for you guys? Is a man that’s by himself more attractive to a group of women? Sh*t U Need 2 Know)

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