When I first saw the headline and video of Terry Crews’ views on fatherhood floating around the internet, I braced myself to expect that he was going to say something ludicrous or unbearable. To my surprise what he said really wasn’t that bad. Here are the three main things Terry Crews said fathers give their children:

1. Your Father Gives You Your Name

Your father tells you who you are.

2. Your Father Gives You Your Inheritance

“That doesn’t mean money, you inherit his story. You inherit whatever your father was, whatever bill(kind of lost me there) belongs to you.

3. Your Father Gives You Your Security

“Not just protection, but your competence. Because when your father tells you that you can do something you believe you can do it.

Do you agree with Mr. Crews? Are these things women can also give? Why does it seem like any time we refer to what a man can do, women think we’re discrediting them? Sh*t U Need 2 Know)

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