Since I write here on Tuesdays, you’ve already had 48 hours to read every possible angle on the NBA Finals. My thoughts have been summed up this way:

Now we wait until the Draft and free agency on July 1st.

In the meantime, the US Men’s National Soccer Team won the World Cup and brought Biggie back to life last night after beating Ghana 2-1.

I, like most of you, am a casual soccer fan at best. I’m into the World Cup, mostly for the chance to be loudly American. Also, like most of you, I didn’t save up any money to actually go to Brazil, so I caught the game from my hotel room.

So after the greatest game in US Men’s Soccer history (I think…I haven’t really been paying attention), I went to Twitter to celebrate with my closest friends and fellow bandwagoners.

You did not disappoint.

So, in honor of freedom, here are the five best online celebrations of America’s big win yesterday:

#5 – Juelz Santana loves America:

Juelz Loves America

Remember The Diplomats?

They were awful (admit it) but catchy rappers who were basically the soundtrack to my undergrad experience in Upstate New York. They made Harlem cool to a young kid from Virginia. Still loud and obnoxious, let’s be clear. But cool.

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Worthy honorable mention for nostalgia.

#4 – Clint Dempsey as Rocky:

Clint Balboa

This works if you’re 20 or 50. Can’t say that about most memes. Solid honorable mention for longevity.

#3 – Heroic Bill Clinton:

Bill Clinton DGAF

This is hilarious when you first look at it. Then you look again and see RONALD McDONALD SHOOTING A BAZOOKA(?) IN THE BACKGROUND.

Welcome to the podium.

#2 – Barack Osupahot:

Supa Hot Obama

Simple. Topical. Brilliant.

This works because the author didn’t write the punchline. Is he saying, “Ghana escaped with 1 point. SIKE! THAT’S THE WRONG NUMBER!”

Is he saying, “Goals. I score that.”

I don’t know. And that’s why this will never not be funny.

If you need to get familiar with Supa Hot, the world’s greatest battle rapper (language NSFW):


#1 – Deal With It Eagle:

I watched this 97 times in a row. This will never get old.

First of all, the song. “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood was hilariously cheesy when it was released (apparently without any shred of irony) in 1984. I was five months old at the time, but come on. How did Greenwood record this song without laughing?

Then you have the “Deal With It” glasses drop. This is perfect execution of a meme mashup. There are DJ’s who go their whole career without blending two things so perfectly.

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That’s the extent of my soccer analysis. We won. Ghana lost. AMERICA!

See any other memes worth mentioning? Actually want to break down what happened in the game?

Hit the comments and let me know!