Like a few writers here at SBM, I’m a pro wrestling fan. As early as I can remember  I was watching it. It entertained me like other mediums didn’t. Now, at 25 I still watch. I might not watch as frequently, but it’s still a pastime. Over the last few weeks I was caught up watching a reality series called “WWE Legend’s House.”  It’s based on former wrestling personalities from the 80s living together. It’s the same generic formula that you’d have in “The Real World” or “The Surreal Life.” As a fan especially of times past I loved it. But in hindsight, I didn’t gain anything from the series til it’s final episode.

By this point I hope I haven’t lost you. You see, in the show’s final episode some of the realest stories came out. We got an inside look at some of the hardships the former personalities had to face in their lives. Two stories struck me deeply. I implore you to indulge as I paraphrase the stories of “Mean” Gene Okerlund and Tony Atlas.

“Mean” Gene tells a story  of how he suffered from a genetic kidney disease. For a period of time he was on dialysis. His wife ultimately becomes eligible to give him her kidney. He attributes him being alive today because of her selflessness. He was moved to tears before he could even finish the story.

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Tony Atlas tells a story of hitting rock bottom. In the early 90s he fell on hard times and ended up homeless. I believe he said he was in Ohio one night when it was below zero weather. He was trying to sleep on a park bench. A woman comes along and decides for whatever reason to take him in. She gives him shelter and more than likely saves his life that night. He says from that night he knew that he had to marry this woman.

Now this is just a synopsis  to give you all an idea of these respective ladies. Our ideas of love are always challenged. Everyone always wants to know clearer ways of knowing when they’re really in love. These acts of kindness that I mentioned  really puts things in perspective.  I started asking myself if I would give women I’ve loved a kidney. When the ish hit the fan that woman held her man down in the most ultimate way. All I could do was shake my head. I thought it was beautiful.

Tony Atlas’ case was even more unique. For a stranger to want to take a homeless man in from the cold amazes me. The God’s honest truth is that I may never do something like that. Many of us probably wouldn’t; this woman did. It’s a deleted scene from a Lifetime movie I swear.

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I wanted to see if these stories would strike you all like it did me.

I have always spoken on the importance of sacrificing in relationships. I’ve known of examples and even read about them. But to watch these grown ass men moved by these acts really hit me. They loved their women to the core. No matter what our walk in life, what we want is so simple.  We  want an honest connection with a special person. At one point or another these men were stars. They were household names. But it was their special women who kept them grounded for so long. I also think it was those women who gave them the courage to share these stories. They gained that courage through those ladies showing them their courage.

What are you willing to do for your partner? Are you all really bout it? If you have a story of love and sacrifice please feel free to share. I’ve been inspired.

These are my words and I make no apologies

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