Just last night while sipping some concoction I’d made with my spanky brand new Cobbler Shaker, I thought “If someone saw me, this bearded 5′ 11” guy drinking this passion fruit, fresh lime juice and Tito’s vodka mixture what would they think?” It’s well-known that you’re homeboys won’t really offer you anything other than whiskey, cognac, bourbon, a smooth acceptable vodka or a cold-brew. However, I prefer a sweet, refreshing drink with a deep myriad of flavors when I chill, unless this drink is simply for the turn up- then a Jack and Ginger or a few shots will do  just fine. I don’t have time for stinging sips or gulps of some dark just to appease my homies and most of them know that I take this food and epicurean lifestyle quite serious, so I try to expand and diversify my palate at any opportunity.

Though I feel this way, I still judge people on what they drink. Like if I’m with a woman and she voices her insatiable desire to drink a Lime-a-Rita referred to as “thot juice” in the urban community, I’m like this shorty doesn’t have a very diverse palate, she might as well just get the MD 20/20 and keep it all the way gutter. An assumption of which I may be wrong on but come on. Or what about your fronting homie that swears to be a Ciroc boy only because that’s what considered cool? Or how about the young lady that insists on drinking Moscato, when there’s no brunch or desert in sight, simply because all of her other friends enjoy it? Or what about the die-hard Henny lovers that you have to stop from talking reckless any time you’re out with them? Certain drinks just come with their own stereotypes.

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But is it wrong to judge based off of what a man orders at the bar? Could that prejudice keep you from getting in a yelling match with that Henny drinking lunatic an hour from now? If you had known she was sipping a nice cabernet would you have entertained her longer or did the site of her friend drinking that piss-tasting Yellow Tail show you all you needed to know? When people utter “I just drink to get drunk” the foodie in me dies a little. Why waste such a luxury of experiencing new things on a sure feeling that can be obtained diversifying your palate with any alcoholic beverage?

So yes, I’m guilty, theSUNK does judge people off what they drink. But the question is, do you?

What’s your drink of choice? What do you drink before a party? What’s your drink during a romantic evening? Do you thing you can learn about a person based on what they drink or am I bs’ing? Sh*t U Need 2 Know)

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