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I had the extreme pleasure of representing the SBM team in the beautiful country of Bermuda for Gemini Dream Weekend last month. I’ve heard about this event last year and wanted to make sure I was in attendance this time around. I heard the stories and saw the pictures, but NOTHING is like being there in person! Let me give you a small taste of what I experienced:


The Fantastic Friday party was the opening event. A night club in downtown Bermuda supplied us with endless amount of Rum Punch, Dark & Stormy’s and the hottest tunes on the island! This was a great way to kick off the Weekend!

Photo May 31, 1 16 50 AM



Daydreams was the warm up, where we spent time at the beach chillin, listening to good music and preparing ourselves for the rest of the night. Good people, great music, and pink sands on a beautiful beach!! You can’t beat that!!


Wet Dreams – the indoor club party / outdoor pool party all white party was a sexy conclusion to the evening. While the weather didn’t comply much to allow everyone to get in the pool (some rains), the party inside more than made up for Mother Nature acting crazy!!!

Photo Jul 06, 2 36 27 PM


Sunday had to be my favorite day of the entire trip! The warm up was at the docks, where music spinned and food was served, until it was time for Fantasea. We partied on the Atlantic Ocean between 3 boats. Yes, 3 BOATS lined up side by side each playing music and passengers could hop from boat to boat like you were going to different floors in a club!! What an experience!

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Photo Jul 06, 2 36 30 PM


Photo Jun 01, 1 24 59 PM


Photo Jun 01, 1 25 09 PM

Overall, this was a dope event. The VIP wrist band, which ensured entry into all events and free food/liquor was worth every penny for those that got one. I’ll be there next year, and you should be too!

The Dream Returns June 12-15, 2015!! Just enough time for after Memorial Day Weekend!

Check out geminidreamweekend.com and follow GDWBda on IG, Twitter and Facebook for updates!

See more photos below! See you in 2015!!!