Man Consoling Girlfriend

Right place + Right time x Right force = Best Communication Ever

There is a right way and wrong way to communicate in relationships. I also believe that there is a right place to communicate, a right time to communicate and a right force to communicate your words to your mate. Mastering this formula can lead to the best communication ever in your relationship.

What do I mean by right place?

There are certain conversations that are for certain locations.

When you have something to say to your mate, you have to be mindful of where you are. Where you are has the power to shape your mate’s response and that can be good or bad for your relationships. The right place is all about surroundings. You need to be in a place that will help you facilitate (support) what you are communicating to your mate.

What do I mean by right time?

Timing really is everything. You can ask at the wrong time, you can suggest at the right time, and even fail to use that time at all in your relationship. The right time is relative; it’s relative because only you should know your mate’s needs well enough, to know when is the right time to communicate with them. Knowing when to talk is as important as the topic of conversation. The topic means very little when you communicate it at the wrong time, and everything when done at the right time.

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What do I mean by right force? 

Words can pack a punch. Knowing how to make sure your words pack a punch is the difference between great speakers like President Barack Obama and the average politician. Things like tone, word choice and gestures can lead to open, healthy communication or they can close doors in your relationship. The right force is really about avoiding closing doors in your relationship. Closed doors are barriers to communication in your relationship, which ultimately lead to broken relationships.

Right place + Right time x Right force is the only “communication formula” you want for your relationship it truly leads to the BEST COMMUNICATION EVER!

Tim Jones, is a 32 year old husband, and father of two from the Southside of Chicago. My wife and I lead a community called The Ring Club. Contact information: (E), (W):, (T): @TheRingClub