There’s a misconception that men never turn down sex or that we’re horny all the time. From my experience, women are just as horny if not hornier most of the time than men. Not to mention they have just as much game to get the pipe, as you think you do to get the panties. Here’s a couple humorous phrases women use to initiate sex:

Lemme See It

She puts her hand on your manhood and it’s throbbing. She pretends she’s not going to do anything she just wants to see it. Go ahead and let her see it, then see what happens.

Lemme Kiss It

Now she sees it, she asks “Can I kiss it? That’s all I want to do.”. Because she knows if she kisses it, you’re going to want more. Rarely if ever has a man ever turned down head and even less than rarely what came after receiving head.

Just Stick It In

“Can you just stick it in?” This is pretty self-explanatory.

You Don’t Think I’m Attractive

This is that Jedi mind trick type sh*t. She knows damn well she’s attractive, because hopefully you don’t hang out with unattractive women.

What’s on Your Mind? or What You Thinking ‘Bout?

When they’re horny but don’t want to just outwardly say they are horny. They always ask you anticipating that you will just articulate it for them. Just hoping that you will have the same thing on your mind.

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Ladies, what things do you usually say when you’re horny yet trying to be discreet? Have you ever been denied sex by a man? Fellas, have you ever turned down a woman that wanted to have sex with you?

-TheSUNK.com(the Sh*t U Need 2 Know)

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