When we think about attraction we talk about looks such as “how tall?” or “how thick?” or other things that may paint a picture about a man or woman. However, how a person talks and sounds can turn you on or off, it all depends on what you’re attracted to. Nothing gets women more turned on than a sexy voice and accent. Today we’re just going to discuss a few well-known accents and how attractive they are, nothing too heavy. If my descriptions aren’t accurate correct me in the comment section:

NY Accent

Going to a top-tier university I think I’ve encountered enough folks from New York to describe this accent. New Yorkers talk somewhat talk harsh or direct, it sounds as if they’re about getting an altercation with each syllable that they enunciate. If you need any references for a New York accent, check out Wu-Tang, 50 Cent, Denzel, or Jay-Z. What most women like about New York cats is the confidence that they have when they talk. As a guy who lived with 3 New Yorkers at one time, I can tell first-hand that New Yorkers will try to out talk you, but I ain’t going for that sh*t I’m from Chicago.

Chicago Accent

Land of gangstas, pimps, playas, and mild sauce(had to add mild sauce). Many people say Chicagoans sound country but I beg to differ. True testaments to both regions, South and Midwest, would be Kanye and T.I. , do either of these guys sound alike? No. Chicago people talk slow and rhythmic, we conjure up very slick phrases and we put the most emphasis on the chain of words we can throw together that sound appeasing to the ear, the best at this was the late-great Bernie Mac. Ladies, usually like us because of our suave bravados that can flip at the drop of the dime, if something real pops off.

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Southern Accent

I hate to bunch up the whole south under one umbrella, because “Texans” don’t sound like the “N.O.”and they don’t sound like “ATL” people and those from the “ATL” definitely don’t sound like “Floridians” and those in-between, but this is a blog folks, not to be confused with a novel(I keep it short and sweet). Southern accents are mellow, not slick and rhythmic like Chicagoans. However, it’s baritone and syrupy, it flows and its raspy. I feel like some of the best slang and phrases come from down south, except these two words, “cold drank”. Some would tell you that southerners don’t sound educated, but any effective way of communicating with another person is good speaking and use of language.

DC Accent

“Shorty that bait”, “That jawn bad”, “Son, you tryna jone right now” say all of these phrases while holding your nose, with a slight slur. DC is a city full of Caribbean and African enthused north southerners if that makes sense. The biggest difference I have noticed between DC people and everyone else is that DC people, stress o’s with an u or oo- sound. Instead of “to” they might pronounce it “tu”.

Cali Accent

From being around a few Cali folk, most of the time their accents just sound very proper. If I meet a person at HU with no accent, I usually guess and am right about them being from LA. But the players from LA do have this certain “gooey” talk, it’s hard to explain. Like if I said Chicagoans talk slick, than Californians talk “sticky” with a certain bounce similar to a low-rider flexing in and out of each syllable- a better word may be, “animated”. Refer to characters such as: Snoop Dogg, E-40, Keek da Sneak, etc.

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Foreign Accents


Caribbean Accent

Most of us love Caribbean accents. They sound like sex, a few women I know talk that “patoi” when they try to be sexy or it just slips out sometimes and it’s the sexiest sh*t ever. Everyone knows what a Caribbean accent sounds like so I shouldn’t have to explain this one.

African Accent

If you’ve seen “Coming to America”, Eddie Murphy can give you a rough version of what an African accent sounds like. Personally, I find some African women’s accents attractive as well. If you have ever heard an African cat try to holla at an American woman it might be the funniest thing you have ever seen. African cats are pretty damn persistent when they want a chick.

Spanish Accent

Spanish accents are intoxicating coming from a romantic interest. If you have ever been pursued by a latin man/woman and they speak that spanglish(as I call it) it’s like a drug. Honestly, that sh!t should be illegal for latino women to speak to men of different ethnicities because it’s irresistible.

Has anyone ever said you had an accent? What’s the sexiest accent you’ve heard? What accents make you cringe? Can accents actually make someone more or less attractive? Sh*t U Need 2 Know)

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