Let’s chop it up quickly about online dating, I’ll throw out a couple of opinions/ramblings and you’ll respond. Some thoughts might be out of the place, but the gist is that we should have fun today discussing online dating and the trends we all see or either aren’t aware of.


So what’s a Tinderoni? Well, it’s an attractive young lady that you meet on Tinder. It’s app where you swipe right for something you like and left for something you don’t. Some people like my single compadres have the Tinder app and swipe right in dizzying speed trying to find as many  matches as possible and delete the unsavory choices. My homeboys that have increasingly great success on the app, I refer to as Tinder Gods.  It’s the best way for men and women to hook-up with or date outside their circle. Are you a tinderoni?

What’s Your IG

Nowadays I’d rather ask a woman for her Instagram before I ask for her number. Reason 1) it’s less intrusive than asking for her number and genuinely seeming interested, 2) you can do your homework and find out much more about the person before you actually pursue them, and 3) when you have beer googles on the night before you can check and see it you made the right decision or if you were just horny. So what’s your IG?

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Instagram vs Twitter DMs

I remember when I joined Twitter back in ’10, the first advice I ever got was “Never, ever under any circumstance DM a chick on here.” For the most part I followed that rule. Most likely if your tweets are popping or insightful, women that want you to DM them will actually DM you. Not to mention something about Twitter DMs just seem grimey. Sending a DM in Twitter is like approaching a woman on dark street from behind, while sending an InstaDM is like giving a wink and a smile at well-lit bar dressed to the nines. InstaDM are more warranted, especially if you’re actually decent looking and you both constantly like and comment on one anothers pics.

Quelling Thirst

Whatever site you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even LinkdIn- quell your thirst homeoby. On Ig specifically, you see a chick posting booty on the sink pics vying for attention; don’t leave some creep comment, double tap and keep it moving. Nothing’s worse than making an advance and she doesn’t respond, you’ll end up looking like this guy:

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