The funny thing about sex is that people think a woman can’t be wack in bed. Every time sex is wack the finger always gets pointed at the man. That’s why it’s so much pressure on men to perform in the sack. It’s even more pressure when you’re a sex-blogger. But hey women can be wack in bed too, I’ve had my fair share of never-call-her-again-for-as long-as-I-live partners in bed. If you see potential in her, you may want to work on improving her sex game. However, you have to do so in a way that won’t offend her or hurt her feelings, because let’s admit it- women’s egos are just as big as men. So here’s How to Tell a Woman She’s Bad in Bed:

First, pick the perfect time. Right before sex, isn’t the best time because that will turn her off, she’ll dry up, and you’ll be left with blue balls. Then if you wait right after sex then she’ll be sitting in your bed embarrassed, thinking that she was curling your toes and it was really horrible. Here’s what you do, aim for the time when you guys are laughing and most relaxed. During that time that’s when people are most accepting of critiques or real talk. Say you guy’s are having dinner and chilling that might be the best time to talk.

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Secondly, don’t say the wrong things and be nice. I’ve been guilty of turning women off with brutal honesty about their bedroom performance. So don’t be an asshole like me. Try something like this, “Brittany are you satisfied with our sex? Is there anything I can do to improve?” Hopefully Brittany says either “yes” or “no”, then asks “What about you? Is there anything I can do to improve?” If she doesn’t ask this, than most likely she’s selfish and you need to give her the boot anyway. Once she asks this, it’s your opportunity to make a few

Finally, you assure her that there isn’t any pressure and you just want you all to have the best sex possible. You want to be able to please her and vice versa. You tell her that the more you guys have s*x the better it will be and that you want to learn things about her body and more about what she likes. However, if you don’t feel this way and it’s all bullsh!t, then just hop to the next one and send Brittany’s ass packing.

Ladies, has a man ever told you you were bad in bed? How did you improve? Is it hard bringing up shortcomings after sex?

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