How can you be hard to get, if you don’t know how to flirt? Flirting incites the chase. If flirting is essential to dating, then it is not men’s fault if they do no court or date you, it’s yours. It is your fault if all they talk about is sex or are overbearing. Flirting allows you to have control over how things move along; a woman’s ability to flirt makes her intriguing and someone worth being pursued by a man. Attraction is the electrical current of a relationship, and it doesn’t always have to be sexual. Flirting can be playful, make sparks fly between you and your pursuer.  Here’s some sh*t you need to know, on why and how you should flirt:

Why You Should:

Possess His Mind and His Penis
If you can only satisfy him sexually through physical means than you have only won 1/5th of the battle, these five things being smell, sound, visual, touch, and mind (flirting). Most men possess their own penis, going throughout life trying to slay as much pink fluffy stuff as they can. However by flirting you can entice and keep him entertained mentally, because he wants to spend time with you rather than just conquer you.

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Men Do Not Date Teases For Long | Flirt with an End Goal
So yes flirting is what we want, but make sure you flirt with an end goal. Be a complete tease if you want and the only thing you will find yourself teasing is you at night. There’s a misconception that men love the chase. It’s true men do love the chase, but men only love to chase storylines that they know the ending to. Flirting to spark things up is different than being a tease, when you know damn well you’re not going to give it up. Why spark a fire, if you never plan to roast the bratwurst?

Through Flirting You Control the Pace
Your new relationship wouldn’t be moving so fast if you actually flirted or controlled the advances made towards you. When you flirt, the flirtee (man) is on the receiving or responsive end. When you’re always being pursued, you always will be reactive rather than active. The active person controls the pace, the reactive person accepts or tries to reject that pace.

How You Should:

Be Spontaneous
Men and women hate routine, even though men usually do become predictable at times. Send him sexy messages, wear a color he says he likes, or bite your lips when you talk to him. Make him remember why he was chasing you in the first place.

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Listen to and Do His Fantasies or Desires
When he says he likes something take note, don’t just take it for what it is. This doesn’t mean you have to do everything he says he likes, but men notice the small things too. If he said he never did something and would like to, if your comfortable with that fantasy do it for him. Know him like the back of your hand; think of this relationship as a game. Not a game to win, but a game to play.

Be Playful
Children are so adorable, because they forget so easily. If you all have an awkward moment, ease the situation and quickly forget. Men love easy going women. Make sure he enjoys his time with you, if you can make a man truly smile than you might be able to keep him forever. Have a playful spirit and don’t take things to seriously, everyone including your man wants to be in the company of a person like that.

Remember to relax and flirt. Have fun.

How do you flirt? Is there something you do that always works for getting the man you want? Do you find it hard to flirt? Do you think flirting is a lost cause or does it matter?