You guys are in a blossoming new relationship and you’ve moved passed the awkward stage of “What are we?” You’re not pulling your hair out in frustration because the future is unclear. You are officially his boo thang and now you want to know exactly how serious he is. Well, a good measurement of this is the people he makes an effort to introduce you to claiming you as his own. So now you want to know, “Who’s truly worth meeting?”

This list was made in order of appearance or meeting. However everyone is different so some may not apply. Note that, every group has a primary function and are to be viewed as barriers between you and his most important identity, his social self(what he wants people to know or think about him).

His Boys(Friends)
-When you meet the fellas they are there to judge your physical attractiveness, attitude, and wifey potential. The boys are his first line of defense to alert him. They tell him if he’s dating a chick with no potential or not appreciating a good woman. When us, men, know our boy has a winner, we usually say the following:

Now all my n!ggas hollering, “Who is that?”
Oh she bad dog, “What you bout to do with that?”– J. Cole voice

His Family
-Next is his family; Mom and Dad, his siblings, Granny, his inappropriate aunts and uncles, and even the family pet. His hometeam will be judging you to see if you’re worth his time, they are there to approve or disapprove of you deserving him or not. They will be interested in your looks, your charm, your intelligence, and your accomplishments. Primarily, you can view this as your second interview for the occupation long-term girlfriend.

His Professional Colleagues
-After his family, if you are dating a professional man and not some loser, you will meet his professional colleagues, work associates, or business family. This meet and greet is important because you will be representing the him that they do not get to see. You are a reflection of the environment that he chooses to be around when he leaves the workplace. We all save face in the office and most of the time our professional and private life are separate. But when they meet you considering that he is now serious, they judge his character by the company he keeps or more importantly the woman he chooses to align himself with.

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His Social Network
– Finally, the last group that will hear of you will be his social network. This arena is the proclamation of union to the public eye. Though they may not matter much to you, this shows you have made it through all of the barriers- boys, family, and professional colleagues.Your relationship is no longer a interrogative(what are we) but a declarative(we are), Everyone is included in this social network; his exes, friends of friends, associates, haters, even his local barber will know that he’s been cuffed by you or that he’s cuffing you.

Who do you think it’s most important to meet? What do you think of your relationship, if the guy hasn’t made an effort to introduce you to his friends or family? Who are you always scared to meet? What person/people have you been scared for your boyfriend/girlfriend to meet?