We got a lot of flack for that ’25 Things Every Black Woman Should Be Able to Cook’ over here at SBM, even though we’re no strangers to controversy and backlash. We figured we keep the playing field even and drop 20 Things Black Men Should Know How to Do:


I just learned how to paint correctly a few months ago, it saves plenty of time and money. Full, long strokes baby.

Sweep and Mop

First we sweep, then we mop.

Cook at least 25 dishes

Really it’s 365 days in the year, you should at least be able to cook 25 different things. How about starting here.

Fix leaking pipes

Inside and outside of the bedroom *wink wink*, but seriously learn how to stop leaks.

Know his way partly around a circuit box and/or breaker

For when the power goes out.

Be able to hook up some shit

Fathers, uncles and brothers should be able to hook up your cable, internet, surround sound or whatever you have.

Do Laundry

Please stop throwing your dirty drawers every where bruh and separate your colors, blacks, and whites. Iron clothes.

Change Oil and Brakes

You could, but with all the specials shops run. Why the f*ck would you?

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Be Able to Change a Flat

Who wants to wait on triple AAA all the time?

Cut your own hair

When in a jam, you should be able to give yourself a fresh shape up and save $25.

Move furniture in and out

One of the most difficult things about moving is having to be aware of how to tilt, turn, and lean those big pieces of furniture through doorways. It’s something you have to learn.

Hang up shit

But correctly though, nobody wants paintings and portraits falling on them.

Take out the garbage

This should be simple, every time you leave out. Some garbage should be leaving with.

Cut grass and shovel snow

Clear the path bro! Clear the path!

Unclog a toilet or sink

Take a wire hanger and get your girls weave  or naturalista curls outta of the sink. Buy a plunger to keep everything running smoothly in the bathroom.

Light Carpentry

Put on counter-tops, change doors, or lay down and grout tiles.

Put sh*t  together

 Ikea beds, book shelves, tv stands, just general sh*t.

Be able to light the fire for the BBQ

Every man brags about BBQ’ing but the hardest part is just lighting the damn fire.

Wash dishes

Stop leaving food residue on your dishes. Let ’em soak, get your scrub action right. No food residue left behind.

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Build a House

Should you be able to build a house? Hell to the no. However you should be able to build a home and be able to protect the well-being of the people and things you have around you.

Good day, SBMers. If I missed anything throw it in the comment section and let’s get this discussion started. Sh*t U Need 2 Know)
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