The holiday season is officially here!

If you’re currently dating or in a new relationship, this may be the first holiday you’ll be spending with your partner. Although that’s really exciting, I’m sure there are some looming concerns in your mind. It’s my prayer that the following holiday dos and don’ts will enable you and your partner to have the most peaceful and enjoyable holiday season together.

DON’T assume anything

You are not a mind reader and neither is your partner. Avoid making the assumption that you and your partner have the same holiday plans in mind. Doing so may be one of the biggest mistakes you could make this holiday season.

DO communicate verbally

That’s right! Making plans via text, DM or email isn’t going to cut it. The only way for you and your partner to truly enjoy an amazing holiday together is to discuss your expectations and plans verbally, either over the phone or in person.

DON’T buy gifts…

If you’re not dating someone exclusively or you both have mutually agreed to not buy each other gifts, don’t do it. Forget about trying to surprise or impress your partner, just stick to your agreed upon plans.

DO set spending limits

If you and your partner have decided to buy and exchange gifts, make sure you set a spending limit. This will help you both avoid unnecessary complications and disappointments. In fact, setting a spending range may be an even better idea.

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DON’T visit family

Unless you both have agreed to meet each others families or you are seriously dating, you should think twice before visiting or meeting family. Simply put, if you’ve never met their family before, the holiday may not be the best time to do it.

DO set at date

You and your partner should definitely plan a date during the week of the holiday, especially if you won’t be spending that day together. The date can be before or after the holiday, that’s totally up to you. All that truly matters is that you two have plans to spend time with each other and exchange gifts.

These are a few rules to get you through those awkward moments when dating during the holiday season boo loving. Let us know your most tried and true rules in the comments!


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