Dear Josh Smith,

First of all…it’s not your fault I hated you.

You were just doing what you do. A few people share the blame:

First, I blame myself for letting hope get the best of me.

Hope is the fuel that drives sports. We hope our teams will defy expectations, win it all, and become a dynasty. We attend games hoping to see a highlight for the ages.

I hoped you’d be good in Detroit. Despite common sense and a ten-foot “…OR NAH” sign staring me in the face.

Second, I blame Joe Dumars. For Joe Dumarsing free agency YET AGAIN.

He knew you weren’t a fit for the team. Everyone knew it. But he gave you that money anyway.

Third, I blame the owner of the Pistons. Who cares who it was at the time. For allowing Dumars to spend the money.

But I don’t blame you. I even rooted for you on your draft day, when Jay Bilas kinda thre you under the bus. It’s not your fault you took the money offered. I’d take a four-year, $54 million contract to do almost anything. Seriously.

If someone offered me $54 million to run the CDC…a job I’m WOEFULLY unqualified for…I’d be rich and you’d all have ebola.

While I don’t blame you, I’m also incredibly happy you’re gone. I can’t believe the Pistons were willing to eat the remainder of your contract, and it warms my heart that they did. Truly.

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You were a terrible fit with the roster, and probably the worst player on a terrible team in a depressing stadium when I went to see the Pistons on Black Friday.

Now we get to see the team closer to the image Stan Van Gundy envisioned when he took the reigns. That’s a good thing. If you weren’t a part of the future, it made more sense to get you off the roster in the present.

So good riddance but Godspeed, Josh Smith.

I hear Houston is the leading candidate for you, and that’s as good a fit as any. They love to shoot threes and you love to rebound. Win/win?


Probably a miss.

This is a weird feeling. Usually, the players who help drag my team down are on my permanent Shit List.

Darko Milicic was never Carmelo Anthony. Screw him.

Joey Harrington, Charles Rogers, Roy Williams, Mike Williams. Hated him, he sucked, GTFOH, awful.

All these guys (and many others) were letdowns for my teams. I guess, in my heart of hearts, I knew you weren’t that good.

Well, I should say, you weren’t going to be good for my Pistons.

All the things you do well were already being done by Greg Monroe and/or Andre Drummond. You were redundant the day you signed. And I knew that.

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For now, we’ll see how a 5-23 team rebounds.


Go Pistons.


Joe Sargent

Has a player on any of your teams ever made you feel this way? What would you do for four years and $54 million?

Hit the comments and let me know!