I’m going to try and contain my excitement here for your benefit. You probably aren’t a diehard Michigan Wolverines fan, so you may not realize this is the greatest thing ever to happen in college footb-

Right…I’m containing my excitement. My bad!

Okay. Here is a rational breakdown of the Jim Harbaugh hire and what it means for college football:

The B1G matters again –

Two of the three best coaches in college football are now in the Big Ten.

That matters.

Over the last few seasons, the SEC and Pac-12 have taken over college football. Ohio State has been the only championship-level contender in the Big Ten for a few years. You could maybe talk me into Michigan State, but they always manage to lose a game or two.

This power shift south and west isn’t a bad thing per se, but it is a thing. You can’t be a “power conference” in college football with one championship contender. Look at the Big 12. They couldn’t get either of their conference “champions” into the Playoff.

The Harbaugh hiring ensures the B1G stops sliding toward that fate.

Michigan vs. that-school-down-South is a thing again –

Since 2004, Michigan has won exactly ONCE against Ohio State.

The Buckeyes have won nine times, and in 2010 had another victory vacated. I include that 2010 detail, not because it matters, but because it’s hilarious.

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1-9-1 (vacated game) is not the record of a rivalry. It’s the record of an ass-kicking.

A rivalry has to include two teams that have a chance to win. For the last decade, that hasn’t been the case. Now that Michigan has a proven coach that should change.

This could be the best rivalry in college football again.

That matters.

Plus, embarrassing Ohio State on a national scale is always appreciated.

We can now pronounce amateurism dead –


I’m a longtime hater of the NCAA. I wouldn’t go so far as to compare it to slavery, but it’s a lopsided system designed to reward old white guys for the work of young, Black me-you know what?

I need to rethink this stance. Sounds real slaveryish.

Aaaaaaanyway, Harbaugh is reportedly going to make an average of $8 million a year to coach Michigan.

$8 million.


Obviously the NFL generates more money than college football. But if universities can come up with millions for its coaches, they can find a few thousand for their players.

How about Harbaugh makes one less million, and every athlete at Michigan splits it? Let’s say there are 600 athletes at Michigan. Could they all benefit from an extra $16,ooo? It’s not like the school doesn’t have it.

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Clearly that will never happen. But with this hiring even the most oblivious NCAA defender has to admit it’s out of hand.

This is one of the happiest days I’ve had as a Michigan football fan, if you can’t tell. As you all enjoy the new College Football Playoff, I’ll be counting the days until Spring Football for next season when, just maybe, Michigan will matter again.