Happy new year to everyone, and one time for Stuart Scott!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable break or semi-break. I happened to thoroughly enjoy mine minus a couple of nonsensical events. But what’s a holiday season without those right? So now we’re in January and the dust is settled. For the fellas, hopefully we can all collectively wipe our foreheads. Hopefully everyone got their “tings” or their “baes” or their ladies something that they loved. We can chill out for now, but not for long.

I’ve referenced one of my older cousins often while writing for SBM. We seem to always dissect relationships and dating from these interesting points. Many times we tend to speak about finances while dating. How much do you spend on a date, or on a gift, or maybe a bill etc. We pretty much always surmise that women can pretty much run the world. So much of our economy can be impacted by a woman’s spending. Most malls have stores geared towards women. Most holidays are geared towards women, even Father’s Day in some cases. So throughout a calendar year there are a few instances where there’s a little break.

It’s January and barring any pending birthdays for your ladies, the next thing up is Valentine’s Day.

To some is the big one! To others not so much. Nonetheless we are a shade over a month away before dazzling your lady again for another year. There will be some who say you’re supposed to do special things everyday, but most of us have 9-5’s and it isn’t realistic 7 days a week.

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What’s my advice?

Start enjoying the NFL playoffs, have some very low key evenings in with your lady for a few weeks. All the while think of something to do on V-Day that your lady would supremely enjoy. I know it can amaze us sometimes how many events there are in which we’ve got to be the upstanding good partners we should all try to be. This time of year I always enjoy because I can get back to budgeting as usual.

Before I end just one quick heads up for my NBA fans. All Star weekend is on Valentine’s Day weekend. I wrote a post in early 2014 about what I did the last time this happened. Check it out here if you might want a template on how to proceed with your evening. If you’re a New York resident you already know the city will be bananas. But pay your lady her dues first, or if she’s a sports fan, celebrate together. Any fellas ever recognize the couple offseasons in a year where there are no holidays to prepare for? How about you ladies?

I’m glad to be back and I’m looking forward to a fruitful 2015. Let’s grow, let’s work, let’s laugh and let’s listen.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

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