I spent Sunday watching the NFL Conference Championship games with friends like most of you. As Green Bay was completing its epic collapse Seattle was completing its incredible comeback, Marshawn Lynch became Beast Mode, finishing off a touchdown run with his now-famous HOLD MY D*CK celebration:

I didn’t really have a dog in this fight, so the play made me (along with everyone else) jump off the couch screaming “HOLD MY D*CK!!!!” while grabbing our respective crotches.

Fun all around.

Now that the weekend is over and our Super Bowl matchup is set, I have one question:

Why doesn’t everyone hate Marshawn Lynch?

He has all the attributes of Terrell Owens, a great player that will never get his due, in part, because we hated him. Here are three examples:

He’s kind of a “look at me” guy on the field –

And didn’t we all agree to hate “Look at me” guys?

Desean Jackson. Hated.

RGIII. Was loved, became hated.

Chad Ochocinco/Johnson. Polarizing, but hated by many.

Terrell Owens. Hated.

So why is it cool when Lynch grabs his junk while flying backwards into the end zone?


Or grabs his junk when his teammate makes a great play?


Look toward the top left.


He’s bad with the media –

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Lynch is now famous for his locker room interviews.

It’s obvious he doesn’t like them. So he gives answers that are short, repetitive, and generally a zero on the Insightful scale. The NFL has even fined him for failing to take the interviews seriously. Take this for example:


Again, I thought we all agreed to hate guys that shirk their responsibility to the media. We crave the clichés many sports figures feed us through the media.

He plays for a dominant team –

This one depends on the other two.

The Seahawks are the defending champion, and are poised to defend their title. Usually, a cocky player who doesn’t give us what we want in interviews is hated.

Want an example, look at Lynch’s teammate Richard Sherman.

He quickly became hated for all the things Lynch seems to exemplify. Yet one is hated and one is loved.

I’m at a loss.

Lynch has all the familiar symptoms of a guy you’d hate. And yet, he’s a guy people have no problem getting behind.

What do you think? Why does he seemingly get the best of both worlds?

Hit the comments and let me know!