This post today is partially inspired by Dr. J. About a week ago he let off a series of tweets about dating. I won’t quote them all but the gist of the tweets are that none of us should be caught complaining about someone being cheap. His stance was that if you’re not paying for the date then it’s best you have a Coke and a smile and appreciate what you all end up doing. Now I promise you all that this will come full circle; just vibe with me a bit.

Life is expensive, that’s no secret.

So there’s no question that dating is affected by this as well. There were times in the past where there was more variance or options in terms of what you could do on a date night. Particularly in the winter time, there are limited activities that could be seen as cost effective. In warmer weather, ice cream, good conversation and a walk in the park might make a successful evening. This time of the year, it’s a bit different.

This time of the year we depend on a couple of old faithfuls to get us through the cold months. Use the following two examples as a barometer for the sign of the times.

The Movies

The movies used to be a safe bet. It’s still a fun activity to do on a date but it can no longer be seen as a cheap date. The increased price of movie tickets can affect daters across the board. For us adults, maybe it isn’t the biggest deal. But to college students or high schoolers this can be a growing headache. I’m almost sure these prices will do nothing but increase. Check out this article about the record highs of movie ticket prices. It was written in 2013 and for any New Yorkers, you know our ticket averages are way above $8.50. Check out the article here.

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Bowling is still a cool thing to do. But in a city like New York a cool thing to do usually equals big business. I can only speak from what I’ve seen around me. And in years past there were many bowling alleys to choose from in the five boroughs. This is no longer the case. New York City is home to bowling franchises. They capitalize on the activity. The days people actually can afford the time to bowl, the prices to bowl are more expensive. Conversely, and to be fair you can find very affordable rates at bowling alleys usually during weekdays. But what makes sense from a business perspective is hurting working class people’s pockets.

Those are two examples of simple used to be very affordable activities becoming a bit more expensive. Once you put into perspective that no one has eaten yet during these activities, then you factor it in. Now it sinks in that damn, what are some other alternatives?  I’m sure there are a few. Some of you all may feel that you’re simple and that you can make anything damn near a date. I agree to a degree. But you still have to get out there and do some things and have some fun.

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This post isn’t written to say that I’m cheap, because I’m not.

I’ll spend what I feel on a given night. I also think that you all would do the same. This isn’t so much about the money spent, but more about the principle. Dr. J was compelled to say something on this subject because he couldn’t grasp a non paying participant on a date calling the payer cheap. This was written to add perspective in my own little way. Ain’t much cheap in today’s world. When I’m out on a date and someone happens to get me anything- ANYTHING, I’m extremely appreciative. You could  insist on getting Dentyne Ice for me and I’d be so appreciative. At the end of the day you just didn’t have to, you know?

So in this ever so pricey world, let’s just remember the little sacrifices that go into providing a fun evening for someone. Calling somebody cheap is not the business, unless they’re really getting you snack wraps for dinner. By all means call their ass cheap then.

What was your cheapest date like? What was your most expensive date like? Whether you were on the giving or receiving end, let me know. And how do you all feel about the economics of dating in 2015? All relevant ish I think, let’s dig in.

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These are my words and I make no apologies.

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