It’s over ladies and gentlemen, it’s all over.

NYC is getting back to normal after an eventful NBA All Star Weekend. It was personally fun for me being that I was about eight years old the last time New York hosted the All Star game. The plan for my weekend was simple. Stay busy, that’s it. Enjoy it all, go out, drink, mingle and make the most of a long weekend. That is exactly what I did and along the way something began to bother me. Something became alarming. Something was worth addressing. There are some older fellas really making us look bad y’all.

It all started Friday night. I was on the A train headed to the Barclay’s Center to watch the Rising Stars Challenge. My boy and myself are on the train and we struck up a conversation with a guy who was headed to the same game. This guy came off as the thirty-seven year old dude who thought he was still twenty-five. He began to start talking about how he’s been to All Star Weekend events in prior years and how he’s always out in the club during these times. He goes on to say that they did not release tickets to the game we were attending until two weeks ago. Meanwhile my friend and I both know the tickets we purchased were available more than a month earlier. We left that train scratching our head. Why embellish so much to some guys you probably won’t see again? I couldn’t grasp it.

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Saturday is next and the plan was to party at the Empire Hotel.

I get there and it’s all good in the beginning. I’m there with a couple fellas and a couple of ladies I went to college with. Eventually some older guys in their mid 30s it seemed looked to speak with the ladies I came with. The ladies didn’t seem too interested. They reluctantly heard the guys out briefly to at least get to the front of the line at the bar. What I realize through their interactions after this is that the ladies are becoming less receptive to the advances. Even with this happening these guys are still persistent. I found myself getting annoyed for the ladies.

Maybe I’m a little beyond my twenty-six years but if someone doesn’t want to speak with you just keep it pushing. The night goes on and I see the same guys continue to get turned  away simply because of how they’re approaching these women and engaging contact. I make moves throughout the lounge and I see more examples of thirst. Attention seeking in general I would deem as thirst. Something that annoyed me was seeing a group of guys  come in the spot and walk around through the whole spot with fur coats on. I couldn’t understand why someone would want to be that conspicuous. Furthermore, does all this loudness appeal to a lot of women?

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I couldn’t get it.

When I speak of the guy I met on the train or  the guys with shades and fur on in the club it gets you thinking. Too many men are trying too hard in the wrong areas. Maybe women do the most as well, but the post today isn’t about them. It became very apparent to me that too many guys aren’t comfortable just being themselves. I saw throughout my celebrations this past weekend that whether it be for the attention of women or for adulation of others, we’re too consumed with trying to look “bigger” than we are.

This isn’t a post about male bashing.

This was just an observation. I want more guys to be more discreet. We know the empty vessels make the most noise. Be who you are. Stay in your lane. A lot of us are on the road to “getting it.” Once you’re there still be a G about yours. I know there are women who respond to the flash. I guess if it works for you than so be it. I just know that other guys with enough sense can see through the BS. Don’t force yourself on anyone. It’s never that serious. What kind of experiences have you had with thirsty individuals? I hope y’all enjoyed your V-Day/All Star Weekend. It’s back to life where Valentine’s Day isn’t everyday. Stay low and build.

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These are my words and I make no apologies.

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