The NBA Playoffs are finally (finally!) upon us. We made it, y’all. If you’re an NBA fan you’ve been ready since about the All-Star break.

So to commemorate this monumental occasion, let’s take a look at the four things I want to see most when the NBA’s second season starts this Sunday(!).

The Oklahoma City Thunder –

If only because we’d get four to seven more games of Russell Westbrook.

It seems you’ve all come to my side on this. About time.

Westbrook has been full Westbrook/Tasmanian Devil/Basketball Heel the past few weeks, and we deserve more. The problem is, we need New Orleans to drop one of their remaining two games (up on Minnesota as I type this, could lose to San Antonio Wednesday) AND Oklahoma City to go 2-0 in their remaining games (possible) for this to happen.

And it’s all because of this shot:


The Thunder could be one ridiculous, Anthony-Davis-is-an-alien shot away from missing the playoffs.

Neither New Orleans nor Oklahoma City are beating the Warriors anyway…might as well get more Westbrook out of it.

Blake Griffin versus the Memphis Grizzlies –

And this could actually happen in the first round!

If you’re unaware, Blake Griffin and the Memphis Grizzlies hate each other. More specifically, the Grizzlies really seem to enjoy punking Griffin mercilessly.

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There is actually a website detailing the Top 5 Fights Between Griffin and the Grizzlies. This is a thing!

I want to see if we can get a few new moments on this list.

Having been to a Grizzlies game for the first time recently (#humblebrag), I can tell you that this team and city are perfect matches. Memphis is a blue collar town and they LOVE their hometown team because they represent the same values on the court. If this matchup happens, make sure you’re watching the games in Memphis.

The Draft Lottery –

Always entertaining.

Will the Lakers keep their pick?

Will the Pistons get the #1 pick (please!!!!!!)?

Will Knick fans get some closure after this projectile diarrhea of a season?

Will Philadelphia draft another player that won’t suit up next year?

Who will the Cavaliers somehow win the #1 pick again?

All important questions that will be answered May 19th. Feel free to mute me on Twitter that day.

Nothing about the Eastern Conference –

Just put Cleveland in the Finals already. The Hawks are hurt, and Chicago is destined to always be alright, but not real (to quote famed philosopher Jay Z).

One of these days the East will be as solid, top to bottom, as the Western Conference…but today a’int that day.

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What about you? We finally made it to the NBA Playoffs? What are you looking forward to?

Let me know in the comments below!