We are in full swing of the second season of Ask A Black Man on Madame Noire.

I had the opportunity to participate and was glad to. I was a fan of the first season and appreciated what the series was striving for. There’s nothing like seeing guys come together and speak candidly on issues that affect us.

In this project the guys that I recorded with had varied experiences.

I appreciated all of their ideas and contributions to the discussion. As you would expect when guys get together, we held conversation and held no punches. Some people seemed to not take kindly to references made during the discussion. I’ll just say that when guys sit and talk, so much of what we say is said jokingly; it’s said lightheartedly. It’s also said without giving regard to how women may internalize it. This is largely in part because there aren’t any women present. What you’ll see here in this episode of Ask A Black Man are a few guys talking about what racks all of our brains. We’re talking dating and relationships. We’re doing this with the goal of letting people in just a bit on how some of us black men think. Watch this looking to laugh and maybe even be enlightened a bit. Look out for me, I’m Kahlil by the way. Now you know my government heheh. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on the episode below.

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