SBM fam, I’m back and I bring some cool news.

If you aren’t aware  my good friend Lejorne (@GreatLeys) and myself  have launched our new podcast site over at It’s a new endeavor for the both of us but one that we’re both immensely excited about. As you visit the site you’ll learn more about us and the purpose of the podcast. There’s also a preview of our first episode on our site. Allow me to just give you all a synopsis as to what has led me to this point.

I always thought I’d be pretty entertaining doing a podcast.

I’d like to think that over the years you all have been entertained, informed, or maybe even moved by my writing. I thought doing a podcast was a natural progression. Over a year ago my co-host Lejorne thought it would be a good idea to get started on a podcast. I wasn’t ready initially, I wanted to know what kind of ground we would be breaking; what would our purpose be? Once I figured all of that out we went full speed ahead.

This podcast is for everyone.

We think it’ll speak to millennials who are entering or are currently in their mid twenties. I think how we bring across information will certainly appeal to that demographic. The content we intend to cover is certainly all inclusive. We’ll touch on sports, current events,things to do in the tri-state area, relationships and many more. So don’t fret, those that listen will finally be able to put a voice with the words they read weekly here. We are excited about this new project and would love your support and feedback. Our voices and perspectives need to be more prevalent across an array of mediums. This here is yet another one of our contributions. Take a listen y’all and thanks for your time!

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These are my words and I make no apologies.

Check out the first part of episode 1!

Subscribe here on iTunes!! Hope you all enjoy!

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