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The relationship ends and you’ve got more questions and fewer answers. You’re not really sure what happened. You were happy, they seemed happy but somehow the relationship ended. As you sit and start to wonder what transpired you realize that this really is a case when a relationship simply got away from you.

It can happen to anyone. The reasons why it happens may vary from situation to situation but they all come back to one central root cause and that’s that we were more focused on where we were going than actually how you would get there. You may have been focused on getting married while your significant other was focused on strengthening the relationship. You may have been focused on moving in together while your better half was trying to work on maintaining space and independence. Those are just two quick examples but there are several other examples that could be used.

We’re all different too. We have different ways. Some people are actors and others reactors. Some people are pushy and others are passive aggressive. I guess the suspicions in zodiac signs may be true. When I think about it, very few signs are compatible with power signs but Libras are compatible with them all. (It’s just extremely hard to get them to react to anything.) The point here is that your personality may not lend to your relationship and what may have started as a mutual attraction starts to create this distance that can’t be overcome.

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Sometimes, we squeeze too hard. We love too hard. While it doesn’t seem like that would be a bad thing but it ends up sabotaging the relationship because it can be too much pressure. A body of water with no restrictions does not move and stand placid. A body of water constrained does everything in its power to get out.

Most times when people are devastated in relationships it’s because they missed all the signs leading up to their partner leaving. I’ve seen it several times, he drops hint after hint but he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings so in the end he chooses to leave rather than hurt her feelings or keep living in hell. You can avoid this by listening; something that many of us struggle with. Don’t spend too much time thinking about what you want over what is needed for the situation or relationship. In order to listen, you need to be able to understand what’s being said; it’s really hard to do that when you’re thinking about a rebuttal.

In the end, if the relationship got away from you it wasn’t meant to be. That’s what the world is telling you. It may not have been meant to be because it wasn’t good for you; it may be because it wasn’t good for them. Don’t waste too much time on that. In the end of relationships it’s important to self-reflect. Don’t make the bigger mistake of going into the next relationship thinking that you did everything right and you just haven’t found a perfect match.