I teased this last week, but it’s officially time to come clean:

I think the Dallas Cowboys will do well this season. Like…really well.

*dons flame suit*

As a Detroit Lions fan, I’m well aware of how stupid it is to put your faith in a team that will surely let you down. When the Cowboys and Lions faced off in the playoffs last year, I knew something stupid would happen.

Turns out I was right.

So how will Dallas come back after a 12-4 season with a playoff victory?

Dare I say it…Dallas could make the NFC Championship game and possibly (gulp) the Super Bowl?

I know! Sounds weird to me to. But hear me out:

That offensive line doe!! –

To my extreme disappointment, the Cowboys made the smart choice a year ago, choosing Zack Martin over Johnny “Don’t Call Me Money” Manziel.

Martin became a Pro Bowler and an All-Pro as a rookie…Manziel? Just missed those.

Martin also put the finishing touches on one of the best offensive lines in football. If that wasn’t enough, Dallas rook a risk on La’el Collins, who went undrafted under a cloud of suspicion but projected as a first rounder.

So add another first-round talent to an already great line and you have what every team wants: talent and depth at a key position.

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Trust me, I know Darren McFadden is currently slotted as the team’s top running back, however you or I could run for 500 yards behind that line…AND McFadden will be hurt by Week 5 anyway.

The rest of the offense, too! –

Dez Bryant and Jason Witten are great. Duh.

But my optimism for the Cowboys’ season rest on Tony Romo, one of the most polarizing quarterbacks in the league.

I know the reputation, but have you checked the stats?

I wrote about it a lot here, and nothing has changed. In the aforementioned playoff game against my Lions, Romo led his team on the game-winning, comeback drive with mere minutes to go. Again, I know the reputation, but how many times would he have to do that before the tide of public opinion finally turns?

I’m a Romo apologist, sure, but you haters have to come up with some answers after last season’s playoff performance.

Have you seen the rest of the NFC East? –


Admittedly, part of why I’m high on Dallas is because I’m loooooow on the rest of the division.

The Eagles got rid of all their good players and signed Tim Tebow. Come on dog.

Washington just isn’t that good. Plus, I hate the team’s nickname more than I love RG3. Get them outta there.

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The Giants’ have a shot at winning the division, but the owner doesn’t know how many fingers one of his best players has right now. Never a good sign heading into a season.

So why Dallas? Why not Dallas when you’re competing against these teams to get into the postseason?

Just re-read this and I feel like a crazy person. I’m putting my tattered reputation behind this pick. But eff it. Picking a 12-4 team to go deep into the playoffs isn’t weird. And I won’t let common sense get in the way of me potentially being right!

What do you think? Does Dallas have a shot to get to the Super Bowl this year? If not them, who else can from the NFC? Just Seattle and/or Green Bay? That’s what I thought you’d say.

Tell me what you think below!