Yes yes! It’s really me and I’ve missed you way more than you have missed me.

But if you’ve missed me more I won’t complain. There are some things on my mind lately. Single mothers who actively date is a subject I don’t see enough written on. I have a fascination with the topic because I think there are two schools of philosophies on it. From my experiences with talking to some single moms, either nothing really changes in how you choose to date men, or whomever you choose to date is taken a lot more seriously.

Once I made this distinction, I began to wonder what having a child represented to all the moms who date. Maybe I should have surveyed some single mothers to add real answers to this post. That would’ve been smart, but I wanted this post to be interactive.  I’d like to know what makes a woman change her dating philosophy if anything.

Is getting pregnant a wake up call for some? Is the reality of single parenting more of a harsh reality for some? Does that revelation cause one to take how they date more seriously? Do other single mothers judge women who have kids but still continue less strict dating practices?

My curiosity stems from me being a single man who has gone out on dates with different single mothers through the years. I always find myself wondering what is expected from me in regards to dating. Should I always ask about the child and how they’re doing? Would that cause things to get deeper than I want too quickly? Are there women understanding of men who may need time to warm up to a kid?

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There will be a variety of responses to all of this.

I think the reasons are obvious as to why a woman would want to not entertain any guy who wasn’t serious about her after having a child. Is there anything wrong with a woman who doesn’t mind not being serious with people whilst single parenting? I personally don’t see an issue with it as we’re free to live how we please. If you’re being a responsible parent then the rest I guess is irrelevant. I still pose this question to get a general consensus.

It’s my first week back so I hope I wasn’t too rusty. Ladies, please educate me. What are your views on single mothers dating? How do you/would you approach it? Let’s get into it.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

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