As any man who cares about his style would agree, accessories are the cherry on top to any outfit. In fact, those small complimentary pieces to your ensemble could enhance or detract, depending on how you put it all together. Watches are personally my weapon of choice to complete my fashion cypher, and the good folks over at Evarii (pronounced eh-vah-ree) watches look to become that same tool of freshness in every man’s wardrobe. Evarii is the newest brand from Egard Watch’s CEO and lead designer, Ilan Srulovicz.Evarii watches exude uniqueness with their fully customizables capabilities. As they explained to us:

We have broken down a classic timepiece into four main components to create a completely modular, customizable watch that can be completely changed in 30 seconds or less. The look and feel of each timepiece can be customized by changing the case, dial, bezel and straps to meet each of your moods and personalities.

Evarii has five basic starter kits with more than 1600 combinations available. Each starter kit comes with one (1) case and dial, two (2) bezels and two (2) straps.


You can collect your favorite cases, bezels, and straps and combine them for a style that suites you perfectly. This concept is legit and from our own experience with these watches, we can tell you it’s as easy as they explain. Check the video below for a quick tutorial:

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Want to get your hands on your very own Evarii watch? Good! We have one ready to ship to you courtesy of Evarii! To win the Evarii starter kit, just follow these easy steps:

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Winners will be announced on September 18, 2015 at NOON EST. Good Luck!

The Contest has ended. Congrats to the winner!