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Image by © Dann Tardif/LWA/Corbis

Compile a playlist, add a song or two every day.

It’s hard to think about 50 songs on the spot, but if you compile songs consistently when the time presents itself, you’ll already be set. Your playlist is a feeling process, so when you hear songs that put you in the mood add them immediately. Consistency and theme are essential to a dope sex playlist.

Your playlist can never be too long.

There is no such thing as having too many songs on a sex playlist. You never know exactly how long the sex could last. Maybe foreplay turns into more play, maybe there was a make-out session where you guys just kissed and stared into each others’ eyes. You should at least have 3 hours worth of music on your playlist or 12Play on repeat.

Avoid truly obscene lyrics.

What is worse than not having a playlist at all- a bad one. Like playlist that starts off subtlety then lands on a song that plays the most obnoxious sh*t anyone has ever heard. A song that is too explicit or just out of the ordinary can kill the mood quicker than a call from mom while your phone is connected to the AUX.

Put a couple of her favorites in there.

Once you’ve complied a good playlist, tailor the playlist for your guest. If she says she likes Musiq Soulchild and a little SZA by all means throw a couple of their hottest songs in there. she’ll be pleasantly surprised. It could even be one of those songs she always wanted to have sex too. You can notice when music changes the mood of sex for the best.

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Sometimes You Don’t Need One

There were relationships that I had where there was no need for a sex playlist. All we needed was to listen to the sounds of passion we made. Sometimes the sound of peace and quiet is its own soundtrack because true companionship has a playlist of its own, there’s no need to compete with that.

What is your favorite song to make love to? What was the worst song that came on during sex? Does a playlist go a long way in setting the mood? What artist could you listen to all night long; R. Kelly, Erykah, Anita, Trey, etc? Sh*t U Need 2 Know)
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