In case you’re unfamiliar, Two Guys One Show is a funformative podcast covering work, money, and life from the 30-something perspective. Rich and WIM leverage their individual stories to provide entertaining insights and helpful tips on money management, professional growth, and whatever else they find interesting and relevant. They release two shows a week: The Main Show and the Side Episode. The former is a topic-based deep dive, while the latter combines what’s top of mind with listener questions on everything from navigating relationships to office politics. Got questions or topics you’d like to hear covered on a future episode? Email Rich & WIM at tgospodcast at gmail dot com.


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On this week’s Side Episode, WIM discusses what it’s like to visit Miami on the wrong side of 30 after a decade of visits on the early side of 20. Nothing Was The Same! Speaking of visits, Rich visits Texas and has an experience that can literally only happen in Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the big CR. In Feedback and Follow-up, we answer listener questions on how best to use LinkedIn when you have a day-job and a side-job hustle you want to treat equal but keep separate; and what expectations you should have for raises and promotions when you have to take on a supervisor role without supervisor pay.

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