It’s that time of the year again, when men tap into their more masculine side by obtaining as much hair on their face as possible — for a good cause of course. In October there is a celebration of boob health, but in November (also known as No Shave November or Movember) there is a celebration of ball (testicle) health. Movember, is observed for prostate and men’s health awareness, but it has easily turned into the battle of the beards throughout bromances in the workplace. To kick-off such a monumental movement, here are 10 ways to celebrate Movember.

  1. Get your balls checked 

Don’t lose sight as to what Movember is for. Yes, it is good fun to grow facial hair….but self-awareness is the best awareness of all. Fellas, schedule a full health examination with your doctor to check for any illnesses.

  1. Have a beard growing contest in the workplace 

Let the games begin, have a contest to see who can grow the longest or the most badass beard in the work place. Also, come up with a cool prize or incentive for the winner!

  1. Buy some beard oil or beard grooming kit 

Help your beard prosper by giving your facial locs some love. There are plenty of beard grooming kits and oils on the market. Most men haven’t had the opportunity to experience this form of pampering, so this would be a great Movember gift!

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  1. Participate in a Stash Dash or Movember themed 5k 

In October, many raced for the cure…but in Movember, many dash for mustaches. Find a Stash Dash or Mustache Dache near you and register to run for men’s health awareness. 

  1. Give your significant other some love below 

Tickle your significant others “fancy” as you sprout hair for Movember, urban legend says it may speed up the growth process. 

  1. Braid your beard 

It sounds fun, just do it…because you’ll never know the next time you’ll have a beard long enough to rock cornrows on your face.

  1. Celebrate your loved ones 

We all know someone that has been affected by prostate cancer or another illness that affects men specifically. Whether it is your dad, uncle, brother, or grandfather; celebrate there legacy and tell their story to others during Movember. You never know…it may inspire someone. 


  1. Wear Blue 

The official color of Movember for men’s health awareness is blue.

  1. Donate to your favorite men’s health organization 

Funding may help to find a cure or help support those dealing with illnesses such as prostate cancer. Show that you care by donating money to those organizations, a little goes a long way. 

  1. Make a Movember growth video or picture story 
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Shave your face clean and document your No Shave November progress via video or picture story…you never know, it may go viral!


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