Dear Brother,

Last night, I saw your wife. Nah, you know it was nothing like that. I just got off work; just left the building. I must say, you did well. I saw her walking down the street, sparkling like a princess cut, shining like a black star. Her outfit seamlessly complemented her classy characteristics. A young Michelle Obama; she’s on point like a box cutter. Sexy and slim, yet thick and shapely at the same time! You are one lucky dude. Funny, I saw her walking into the university. I didn’t know she was getting her Master’s Degree already! Are you doing the same? Anyway, even though she was looking good, for whatever reason, she didn’t seem happy. Like something was missing…

I think she was looking for you…

So, after she went into the school, I kept it moving, right? I’m headed to the parking lot to get my truck, and I’m thinking I saw your car! Nice, man, nice! A 2010 MerLexuCadilAudiBMW SU-Sedan-coupe?! I’m trying to be like you, man! That’s a nice car! I saw the lights just shining off it and everything. There was only one thing though; I swear I saw your keys. They were in the driver side door.

But I didn’t see you. Maybe I missed you or something.

Whatever, I got in my truck. I’m driving home; took the local roads this time. And wouldn’t you believe it? I saw your kids on Ideal Street! Happy and well-behaved as they could be! They were on point; well dressed, well mannered and confident. You’ve done a great job in raising them. I’m proud to know you.

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So I’m driving home, and then I realized I took a wrong turn. Just like that I’m lost. But somehow, I must have slipped into your neighborhood. Who knew?! I thought I saw your crib. Is that yours, on Future Street? The five-bedroom, three and a half bath Victorian on an acre of land? That’s you? Man, you doing it up! Or was it the two bedroom condo on Potential Avenue? I can’t remember, maybe they’re both yours!


Anyway, I got home, right? I turned on the tube. For some reason, ESPN was showing women’s lacrosse, so before my eyes started bleeding I turned the channel. I flipped over to CNN. And funny, Anderson Cooper said he was about to interview none other than Y-O-U! So that’s where you were! He had a special interview about you? I’m not surprised. Who wouldn’t want to know about your successful businesses, that thriving practice, the excellence performances within your profession, those political endeavors, your rock-solid family life, and let’s not forget the non-profit organization and your ministry, which has touched all those young kids in a good way. You are the MAN!

So Anderson Cooper says you’re coming up, right after the commercial break. Finally, I can see where you are.

I went to grab a Seagram’s from the fridge. I came back and to my surprise Anderson Cooper had terrible news! Said you weren’t in the studio. I was confused… they expected you to be there, but for some reason, you weren’t. So I’ve got to ask…

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Where are you good brother???

Make no mistake; the world does inquire about your availability. Life is your personal sifter, and it has an interesting way or filtering the solid and the stupid. I know some guys that answer the call like an automated service. Others will certainly – just as the sun rises – fall into the intervals of insubstantial irrelevance. Or in sister speak… they become some no-good… you know. Unfortunately, I see the latter far too often.

But it’s just not about what your counterparts think of you. It’s about answering the call to your destiny, opening up the doors God has set before you. We all have our own path. And it’s up to us to make it happen. That’s the reality. Too often, we’re smoked screened to the point we catch lung cancer. There’s too many fallacies that seek to fade our ambition like a barber. I need to keep it hood, I need to pop bottles at the club, I need to have a basketball roster-worth of chicks, I need a Benz and I need to mimic the fools on MTV Jams.

The reality is 34% of all black men are unemployed. The reality is black boys are killing black boys.

But the reality is also that the world continually calls for you to overcome, overachieve, and overwhelm with your God-given strength. It’s up to you.

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Anyway, since the media likes to feed us lies like Thanksgiving soup kitchens feed the homeless, the BMBM offers ten realities I think we should all consider: