Single Black Male (SBM) provides the male perspective on questions women want answered, and topics men find interesting. Some of the common subjects you’ll find on SBM include dating & relationships, arts & entertainment, and  lifestyle & culture.

SBM started with one writer sharing his thoughts on male/female relationship dynamics, but has expanded to a team of black men (and women)  known for honest and thought-provoking perspective. At our core, we are writers– artists. We seek to express ourselves through this medium with the hopes of sparking dialogue and thought around issues we’re passionate about.

In doing so, SBM has won several accolades including Best Dating & Relationship blog (2009), Best Blog Design (2011), a spot on Ebony Magazine’s 2011 Power 100 list, and a feature on Black Enterprise as a part of their 2012 Black Bloggers Month celebration. SBM has also been featured and/or profiled on Essence and Clutch Magazine’s websites in addition to other online publications. SBM writers have also made appearances on syndicated radio shows such as the Michael Baisden and Tom Joyner shows.

For Urban Male
My father was a slave and my people died to build this country, and I’m going to stay right here and have a part of it, just like you. ~ Paul Robeson

As our URL indicates: we’re black and we’re men. Our goal has been and will be to provide insight into the black male mind on all things we find interesting. We often feature women writers and have on occasion featured non-black writers, but at our core, we are and will be black males.

Who knows but that on the lower frequencies, I speak for you ~Ralph Ellison

What makes SBM unique is the diversity of its perspective. WIth staff writers contributing featured and around the web content weekly, and additional content from guest submissions, SBM is able to present a 360 degree view of what’s new, interesting and noteworthy. From addressing serious, difficult issues in and around our community, to recapping the latest pop culture happenings, to offering advice on love & relationships, SBM covers all bases in its own unique and varied way.

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