SBM Guest Post Guidelines 

Please send all guest post pitches and submissions to Below you’ll find everything you need to know about our guest post policy.

SBM is not interested in working with SEO companies or copywriters trying to link-build for clients. Any requests of this nature will be sent to spam.

Guest Post Submissions

Please include the following information with your guest post submission:

  • Name (what you want to be called)
  • Short Bio (not to be confused with a novel or term paper)
  • Contact Information where readers can find you (twitter, blog, email, etc)
  • A quick summary of what your post will be about. Bullet points work best where possible.
Other Important Stuff
  • Guest Posts are to be original pieces. We will not accept posts which were previously published online or in print. Please do not submit a full article until we’ve approved your pitch!
  • Guest Posts will be published at the discretion of SBM. We do not have a set schedule for the posting of guest submissions. Submission of a guest post will not guarantee its publication.
  • Guest writers will be notified at least 48 hours prior to the publication of their guest post. Please leave up-to-date and accurate contact information so that we may reach you expediently. If we’re interested in your story, we will contact you, but if you haven’t heard back within two weeks of submitting your proposal, feel free to follow-up via e-mail.
  • If posted, guest posts are the property of SBM. If you wish to retract a submission before it runs, please contact and we will return/delete your post accordingly.

Guest Post Content

  1. Guest Posts are to be no more than 1000 words. Please use appropriate word processing software to calculate word count (i.e. MS Word, Google Documents, etc). Please use either Google Docs or MS Word to submit your article(s). We do not accept guest posts as “email messages”
  2. No full curse words or sexual references. Use of asterisk is acceptable (e.g. sh*t). We want to avoid those “buzz words” to prevent our site from being blocked by web tools and/or places of employment.
  3. Blog titles need to be descriptive – e.g. “Get me outta here” is very vague, but if you changed it to “Get me outta here: How to end a Bad Date” this will be more detailed and will make your post searchable.
  4. Please attach all pictures that you would want to use to your email. Images are not to be pornographic or copyright protected. If you receive a picture from another site, please include it’s URL for referencing purposes.
  5. Hyperlinks and videos are accepted (within previously specified guidelines). Please make sure that all links/videos are currently functioning. Broken/Outdated links will be removed.
  6. Please be mindful of spelling/grammar when submitting a guest post. We will edit as need be, but do not want to deter from your submission. Submissions marred with errors will not be considered for publication.
  7. We leave the topic up to you. Feel free to submit on any topic for which you think is adequate for the SingleBlackMale.Org platform and its readership.

Thank you for your contribution to SBM. We appreciate your interest and look forward to reading excellent material!