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Got head?

This week my friend sent me this link and asked me what I thought about it. I thought to myself, ...

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They still make you?

***Admin Note*** New Poll Up.  One night stands … What you think? ***************************** I was sitting one night on my balcony enjoying the lake and sipping on a night cap.  The exact thought process leading me  to...

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SBM Guide to Getting Head

So … your laying there with your significant other (or your FwB, Cut Buddy, or one night stand) and thinking to yourself “Ok … so I know I’m gonna f*ck … but my balls (or clit) are dry.  Man...

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I’d rather get some head!

“I said I love having sex … but I rather get some head” – Three 6 Mafia To anyone who doesn’t know, respect, and understand the importance of oral sex in 2008 … kill yourself (said in true...

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