This Saturday … after spending the day riding to Baltimore and back … I came back to my house and prepared myself to play video games and fall asleep (no late night booty calls this time … a day of motorcycle riding left me sore). I recall my friend DH calling me earlier. He has a girlfriend and is only allowed out on certain nights … I found out he had the night off … but he wasn’t trying to go out. Aww well … I’m gonna get some good time with Halo.

Ring … Ring … DH Calls

“So … What we doing tonight”
“Nothing … unless you really want to do something”
“I do”

A little negotiating and a call to one of my few platonic female friends, DB and I now have plans to hang out in Adam’s Morgan (A DC hotspot) and chill at an overly popular lounge there. It works, I don’t need to pretty myself and maybe I’ll find Mrs. SBM.  I definitely wasn’t expecting to witness what I would see later that night.

Now we’re at the lounge. DH sees two of his friends, two I have met. He goes over to chat for a lil and then comes over. As we sit down on the oddly colored couch and I sip on my chai, a group of 5 girls walk in … all of them from my alma mater (my friend DH and my female friend DB all went there with me). One girl, cute but a bit overweight, goes over to one of DH’s friends and gives him a long hug.

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So my friend informs me he was there when he met her 2 nights ago and his friend was there to meet her. Well … she wastes no time “reconnecting”.

She talks with him. Sits on his leg … gets close … and finds a nice resting place between his legs.

He buys her a drink, she giggles at his jokes … its obvious things are going good and she is feeling him.

But wait … suddenly she backs up off him and puts some distance between herself and her “friend”. What happened? Did he say something stupid … did he get “fresh” … did she spill a drink on his lap?

Wait … who is this new guy? Why is she introducing him to her love interest of 5 minutes ago? Why is she leaving with her arm in his? Man … my friend’s friend must have had that weak game.

So … me … the nosy person I am … go approach this guy to see what happened. I’ve gone out with him before … I’ve met him before … I feel I can get in his business a little.

I approach him and after two seconds of reintrocudtions … I ask “so … what happened … how come your friend left?”

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“That was her boyfriend … she had to leave”
“WOW!!!! These b*tches … thats f*cked up”
“Naw man … I’m not even mad … she is supposed to be calling me in an hour”


And I’m supposed to trust women …