things we love about scandal

Scandal is just….  *sits down slowly*

I’ve been trying to find a TV series to compare it to and I just can’t. I loved Lost and 24. I’m currently addicted to Fringe. But Scandal? It’s the first show to have me slithering from my couch to the floor after just about every episode since…well, I don’t think there’s a precedent. For today and because I can’t help myself, I wanted to highlight a few of the things we love about the show. If you haven’t started watching it yet, you need to do one of those catch-up weekends. You will be left here at the Rapture if you don’t. Anyway, here are some of the fascinating things about the show:

The angst and stress it creates in our hearts and souls.

I’ve never been so excited to welcome high blood pressure every week, or so deflated to know I won’t experience it because of a break. It’s actually altered my testosterone level. I don’t weep, but I do tremble.

Thursday night’s episode was the fall season finale and it delivered like hood chinese food. It left me on my couch overwhelmed and emotionally drained. I’ve walked away from some chaotic relationships feeling more at ease than I do at the end of a Scandal episode. It’s like a roller coaster…and I hate roller coasters. But this show is everything, thang and it.

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I’m convinced that on the 6th day, God created Shonda Rhimes. On the 7th day, he curled up on a couch made of clouds and ubiquity to watch an episode of Scandal.

Every character is capable of  everything.

I said last night on Twitter that the average IQ of characters on the show must be 200. Then I realized that would make them socially awkward and more funny than riveting. The truth is, every Scandal character proves that it’s not about the book smarts. They have exceptionally high uncommon sense…and a little craziness. On the smarts, the characters are always three steps ahead while we’re stuck at the beginning of the labyrinth trying to figure out where the story will go. As for the craziness…

Whether it’s the president ravaging Liv while the Secret Service watches and keeps it…well, a secret, someone putting hands in someone else’s mouth unsolicited before mounting them like a wild cowgirl, or trained cold-hearts having passionate killer sex on an array of photos, the inkling of craziness is there. And we love every moment of it.

It’s the most engaging programming since… well, I just love this sh*t.

Twitter makes watching television feel like a party where everybody communicates in keystrokes and cap locks. Award shows,reality tv, and sporting events are cool, but Scandal takes fan engagement to another level. I love that they have a Twitter account that interacts with fans, and that the cast members watch the show along with the rest of us. I asked @ScandalABC for a poster. I’m still awaiting my reply. *checks @ mentions*

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It makes us accept and enjoy adultery, sidepiece-ism, sociopathic behavior, and wayward political beliefs.

Scandal effortlessly suspends disbelief and lowers our moral standards at the same damn time. Let me give you a few examples:

  1. Olivia is awesome sauce over a plate of organic rotini even though she was sleeping with the married president.
  2. President Fitz is a Republican and we don’t care.
  3. Olivia was sleeping with a Republican and we don’t care.
  4. Huck obviously enjoys getting his Dexter on.
  5. Bodies end up places for things and we just keep it moving like The First 48.
  6. Couples lying and scheming on each other. And you know what? We love every second of it.

I could go on and on about the show, but we want to hear from you. What are some of the things you enjoy most about Scandal? Where does it rank on your all-time TV list?