We’re at it again! Tonight, at Cause – PhilantroPub, Alorie Clark is having yet another panel discussion and mixer on dating & relationships. Tonight’s topic is Love & Cheating and don’t we just love that topic?! Whether it is from a personal experience or observation from that popular show that all y’all watch, Scandal, we’re going in on the topic today. I’m going to save my thoughts for later tonight. Big questions like: have I ever cheated? have I ever been cheated on? and do I think true love can exist in cheating? will all be answered. The details of the night and the event are below. I’ve also included a snippet from an article that Alorie wrote over on her blog The B.E.A.C.O. I hope you can make it!

As children, we were taught cheating was a cardinal sin. The lesson was very straightforward; if you cheat, you are a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad person. But as we grow up and experience life, we realize that cheating isn’t so black and white. That simple lesson we learned as children seems to be not so simple as adults. In this case, theory is easier than practice. Emotions dominate logic. Things get messy, and people get hurt. And the affair rarely ends well…right?? But what about if it does?

The popular story of Olivia and Fitz on Scandal is one of the most discussed situations of infidelity. Some people hate it because of what is represents. Others support the relationship because they believe Olivia is Fitz’s true love. The #ScandalNation is divided on this topic, and we’re gonna discuss it! Is infidelity ever justifiable? How does the perspective vary from the cheater, the person cheated on, or the “other” person? Should true love really conquer all?

Get ready for a heated discussion about true love and cheating!

We need MEN and WOMEN together to discuss a very controversial topic!


Cause – The PhilanthroPub
1926 9th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20001

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM (EST)

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Read my opinion about true love and cheating here:

Also, here’s a snippet from the post in the link above. Just something I thought worth sharing:

If we can be real for a minute, we’ll admit that many people enter relationships or get married for wrong reasons. Some are desperate to have kids and build a family. Some want to build-a-family because they have kids. Others have been together so long, it just seems fitting to take the next step. Years later, something is missing; companionship…intimacy……fun. Then something else comes along. A whiff of something better. It’s fresh, new, exciting. Love maybe? You start to wonder if you made a bad choice. It feels easier to “test” the waters before diving right in. Even if your current situation is a sinking ship.

What if you were the person cheated on? How much should you be responsible for your mate straying? What was not being said to produce unhappiness? Were you holding on to something that died long ago? Were you the only one in love? What if the person who cheats on you finds true love with the person they cheated with? Could you ever be happy for them? I’m sure Mashonda and Jennifer were damaged. But if the situations were reversed, can you be sure they wouldn’t have done the same thing??

How would you feel as the “other” person? What if you met someone that had all the qualities you were seeking, but they were in a committed relationship? What if you discovered a profound physical/emotional attraction to someone who just so happened to be married? Do you just ignore such a rare occurrence, and pass up the possibility for true love?? Or would you be too afraid of karma? Would your new relationship be doomed? Would they do the same to you?? It’s easy to read this and say you will never get involved with someone in a committed relationship. But how many of us have done things we said we would never do??

The crazy thing about love is that the ONLY way to tell if it’s true, is time. As the “other” person, you won’t know if your patience and understanding was worthwhile until time goes by. And what if time produces nothing? What if a year later, you boo thang still has not filed for divorce?? Or even moved out?? As the cheater, only time will tell if your new relationship is worth leaving your current one. But  how long do you divide yourself between both situations before you man-up and make a decision?? What if your spouse/significant other finds out? If time proves your initial assessment to be wrong, was it all in vain? Time is a dangerous gamble.
Again, I hope to see y’all out there tonight at Cause. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want more information. Even if you can’t make it, what are you thoughts on cheating and love? Do you think the two can co-exist? Have you ever found yourself somewhere in the middle of the two?
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