True players are always prepared for overnight visitors. They know that if the date goes well they have to make their visitor feel at home. The goal is to make her never want to leave. Leaving should be out of necessity, not out of want or desire. When she’s over your house the world should be vacant of responsibilities and obligations. Here is what you need to Make Your Home Feel Like Her Home:

A Clean House
The first thing you must have is a clean house. Nothing makes a woman more comfortable and turned on than a clean house. If your crib is clean and fly, the first thought she usually has isn’t “Are we going to get busy?”, it’s “What’s the first room we’re going to get busy in?”

Smell Goods
Aroma therapy, have you ever heard of it? Women are creatures of smell, they love things that smell good. The right scent could turn an innocent girl into an enchanted woman, hooked on to your every word.

A Few Good Movies
Sometimes you don’t always want to start conversation, you just want to enjoy one another’s company, rather you are laughing at a comedy or shrieking from the plight of a horror flick. By the way, chicks dig horror flicks and they need a strong man to hold onto when sh!t gets real. Or do like yo boy( and keep a few good movies with even better sex scenes and I bet that movie will say everything that’s inappropriate to say at that moment.

Women are always hungry. They are usually at their hungriest at the most inopportune times. Like when it’s 2am and your fridge is empty and it’s too cold to go outside to hit up an eatery. So have snacks such as Cheeze Its, Doritos, fruit, frozen buffalo wings, Ramen noodles, etc. Whatever you do, don’t leave your female guest hungry, especially if the p^ssy isn’t guaranteed.

Liquor(Or Weed)
This should be self-explanatory.

A S3x Playlist
The Weekend, Frank Ocean, Drake, R.Kelly, Keith Sweat, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, T-Pain, Sade…the list goes on. Turn on the stereo and turn her on.

Overnight Visitor Clothes
An oversized t-shirt, basketball shorts, pajama pants, etc. Anything you give her should allow for good cuddling. You never want to give her something that makes it impossible for her to feel your hard-on when you give her that back tap(late at night men push on their girls to see if they you bout that life).

A Comfortable Bed
Months ago I had flat ass pillows, ever since I upgraded to a decent thread count and some fluffy pillows women have not wanted to leave my bed. This has its pluses and minuses, sometimes they don’t know when to leave. Other times they stay longer than they expected to and want to have some fun :D. Also you don’t want her to not get a good night’s sleep. It’s nothing more awkward than a woman looking at you as soon as you open your eyes, because she couldn’t get a good night’s sleep.

Shower Cap
When you wear her out, she is going to want to take a refreshing shower or before you wear her out she’s going to want to take a refreshing shower. However, if she isn’t #teamnatural she won’t be able to do so, because she can’t get that Remy 100% Indian Hair wet. So be proactive and stash a shower cap some where.

Big Tooth Comb
After a little recreational activity she needs to freshen up and make sure she’s back on her A-game. So you need to have a big tooth comb for her and if you are really up on game you’ll have a scarf or something to wrap her hair with for bed. Surprise her, act like you know… taught you.

Pack of ToothBrushes

There’s nothing like a fresh toothbrush for your guest when she wakes up in the morning. No woman or man wants to walk out the house of their new boo’s with tart  breathe. Act like you know playa….

Ladies, Do you all agree with my list? Did I miss anything? Is there any special requests that you need at a man’s house? What was your worst overnight visit? Do you need these things or do you always know if you are spending the night and pack the overnight bag?