“I said I love having sex … but I rather get some head” – Three 6 Mafia

To anyone who doesn’t know, respect, and understand the importance of oral sex in 2008 … kill yourself (said in true Three 6 fashion)

Don’t get me wrong … sex is great. Sex is wonderful. It can be an emotional and soul connecting experience. It can raw and rough ending with two people tired and smiling. It can get real freaky and elaborate … and its one act that aims at mutual satisfaction (everyone gets off) … but lets be real … its trumped by good head anyday.

When I was younger (middle school or early high school … years before I started having sex either way) I read an sex article written by some woman. It forever changed my life. She said “A man who can f*ck well is great … but not special. There are plenty men who can give you good sex. But … to find a man who can give good head … thats special” (quote paraphrased from memory).

I took this to heart. When I got my first girlfriend, I honed my skill. I also mentally convinced myself I liked giving head (which I still do to this day). To this day, I get no bad reviews … I keep adding to the “skill set” … and I still love it. So … to sum it all up:

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Reasons I love giving head

  • Nothing sounds better than to hear your name while the other person is in a fit of pure ecstasy.
  • Its one of the most unselfish sexual acts I can think of … shows the other person I really care about their enjoyment.
  • The look on their face afterwards is priceless.
  • They know I care about them on some level.
  • I can do more with my tongue.
  • Something about when their whole body just starts the shaking … whew.
  • At the end of the day … I really enjoy the other person “finding their happy place”.

Reasons I love getting head

  • Uh … its head.
  • The tounge and hand can do a lot more.
  • I can be lazy, sit back, and just enjoy myself.
  • If you need more reasons than that … you’ve never gotten good head before!

Does the rest of the world adore oral sex the way I do? Anyone else knows the best way to say “I Love You” is by making some toes curl?