The life of an SBM is one that never ends.  I do this … then I do that … then back to a little of this … then some more of that.

While daydreaming during a training session at work … I was thinking about why I was tired, the things I would have to do later that day, and the things I would have to do later that week.  As a man … a gainfully employed one at that … I have a lot of time committments.

I have to work in excess of 40 hours a week (puh … like any real corporate job at a major firm is just 40 hours)
I spend about 10 hours a week just getting to and from said job.
I blog … which takes up a lot of time by the way …
I work on my “side projects” … because I can’t be working for the “man” all my life
Gotta get ready for that GMAT

The list goes on …

But of course … this lead me to one other time sink … one other area of my life where I dedicate a great deal of time and resources … yes … I’m talking about dating.

A little tidbit into my personal life … I haven’t been actively dating for awhile.  I’ve never been into “multi tasking that a$$” … so I don’t.  No more new dates every weekend … for those who know me offline … they know the deal.

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But the opposite sex has traditionally been a huge time sink for me.  I mean … a lot of women are demanding of time and effort.  In addition to the investment once you find “her” … there is a lot of time spent in the search.  Going out and making yourself available is not an easy thing … have you seen the line to the club as of late.

One thing I have heard since I was much younger is “when ‘she’ comes … you’ll make time”!  WTF?!  I’ve always hated this statement … sure I understand that someone special will command a high priority when I’m dividing the weeks allowance of hours … but who gets hurt as a result?  Why can’t we just multi task … I can program on a date … I got wireless …

Well … as my time runs out … and my next task calls me … I’m going to have to keep this short.

Is it just me?  Have I just not learned to properly accept the amount of time I have to invest in another individual?  Am I selfish with my time … like I am with my poptarts?  Does it get easier???