Over the past few months, I’ve seen our blog, and many others, get a lot of mainstream attention in different publications. It’s a testament to the work that we do on a daily basis here. Of course on the Internet everyone has an opinion, and we definitely get slandered from time to time. I mean, I’m used to it, as I’m a veteran of Nahright and if you can survive THAT comment section, you can make it anywhere. I was reading around and came across a few women’s comment on our sites, and male driven sites in general. They suggested that they don’t need “us” to give them the black male perspective, because our perspective is misogynistic laced, women bashing rhetoric. They went on to claim that men’s opinions don’t matter, so why read? These are the same people who will go on sites like ours, and leave a comment that says “this post sucks” and keep it moving. People are entitled to opinions, whether pro or anti SBM. I just don’t get comments like the one above. It logically makes no sense.

Why would you read a blog with all male writers, if you discredit men’s opinions? That’s like a vegan reading blog posts from the Popeye’s lady on her favorite summer Cajun recipes. It’s asinine. I don’t know what some of you expect to read when you get here, but I can 100% guarantee that the blogs will be written in some way from a male point of view. If that isn’t your cup of tea, then you need to look in the upright corner of you screen, eyeball the red x, move your mouse with alacrity over the x, and left click expediently. This is not the place for you.

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Some people say there’s no reason to read our blogs to get a man’s opinion on anything, when they have men in their lives who can supply them with the proper perspective. Kudos to you! I would hope that you have a real life support system of men and women who will keep it real with you at all costs and provide you with insight into life that you don’t have. Here’s a trade secret about SBM: None of us are relationship or life experts! We are livingoffexperience, and using our keyboards and web browser to illustrate our perspective. At its core, this is entertainment. This isn’t a personal blog, but the bloggers here get personal at times. This isn’t CNN, the New York Times, BBC, or the Associated Press. This isn’t even the Huffington Posts. You won’t see case studies, 7 page articles, or the weather here (SIDEBAR: I always thought Meteorology was a sweet profession. you don’t have to be accurate EVER! You track weather patterns and give the most probable outcome. If you’re wrong, you can shrug and say “yo this weather crazy” and no one will get mad! Definitely went into the wrong science! /sidebar).

Not that we don’t have the capacity to report the news, but this is a BLOG not a news website. This isn’t a magazine. We write freely, with no regard for MLA like guidelines. Yes we may have typos and grammar errors now and again, but real talk EVERY SITE AND PUBLICATION HAS THOSE! Thank you for holding us to a higher standard, but realize that other comparable sites and sites parallel to us but in different genre’s share the same struggle.

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Finally, some people will point to phantom blogs that we write to accentuate why they no longer read “You wrote a post on why third nipples aren’t attractive. I’ll never read again!” Or, they will say that we never write anything of substance, our writing is elementary, and it is the “same old stuff” Two things. One, #WhoHurtYou?! Two, I never claimed to be J.K. Rowling, Tom Clancy, Shakespeare, or Dr. Seuss.  I’m a guy that likes to tell stories and talk to people, and use the Internet as my soundboard. We have some excellent WRITERS on this panel. To say that we don’t write anything of substance is completely off base. Honestly, our substance laced posts get the least exposure, for a myriad of reasons. When ii comes to male-female relationship posts, yes a lot of topics are rehashed and have been discussed our entire lives. The only difference is the author of the discussion. Everyone has a different perspective on these topics. Even people who share the same opinion may present their argument in different ways. This is what makes humanity unique. Also, we cannot assume that everyone has heard topics that we discussed or that every topic in life has been discussed ad nauseum. If I showed you our stats of past blogs that get read to this day, you would see what I mean. To another point, I’m sorry, but this isn’t catertoyou.com. You won’t find a daily ode to women or masterful simping. You will find real talk by real dudes on real issues. You will find the posts that herald women, and the posts that complain. We do it in real life. All men do it in real life. Why front here? For page views? I’d rather be real and our readers respect it, than front. Although catertoyou.com could be a win though… *runs to wordpress*

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This wasn’t a post to bitch or complain about negativity. If you don’t like us, fine. It costs you nothing, pay us no mind. I just wanted to address some misconceptions and claims by critics that just hold no water, and make me question why they read blogs like SBM and others. Criticism is cool. Hating is cool too. Let’s keep blogs in perspective, and remember that it is, after all, only the Internet right? It’s not like we are living in a virtual universe…