Your office wardrobe says what you cannot ... think before you speak.

FreshChrisLaw: There’s a common mistake that a lot of men (read: black men) make when it comes to getting dressed for work. For some reason, its either a suit or sad shirt pant combo, most likely a few years old and outdated. It may be time to put away those 1mx shirts from your first 21+-club experience, upgrade your wardrobe and start dressing fresh for the workplace.


Step your shirt game up ...

Button downs are not only the main staple in a man’s wardrobe but are a big part of the look. Options are necessary. You should have at least 2 or 3 of the same colored shirt. Invest in high quality white dress shirts as well as blue and pink. High quality doesn’t always have to mean high price. Visit your local TJ MAXX, Macys and Burlington Coat Factory for high quality shirts at an affordable price. If price isn’t an issue, check out Thomas Pink, Brooks Brothers and Charles Tywitt. I’m also a fan of adding in striped, plaids and pattern shirts. Mixing those in with the standard plain-woven shirts is a good way to switch up your work style.


Tie Collection Must Be Exquisite

Ties are important part of a men’s workplace attire. Ties are great because they can change the look out of an outfit. For example, if you wear a white button down and khakis to work, a plaid tie adds a bit of style to a uniform like style. Ties should be in all varieties. Right now, I’m really into plaid ties, slightly slimmer ties and any print (polka dot, paisley, etc.). If it’s going to be one
color, go for power colors like red, blue and yellow. Watch the size of your tie knots. I’ve seen way too many fellas with knots the size of bowties on their ties. Go with a half Windsor or a four in one.

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Cardigans Never Go Out of Style

A sweater is a great staple for the workplace. It’s also a great way to add color and style to your wardrobe. Lightweights sweaters for the summer are only necessary but a great alternative to a suit jacket or blazer. Whether it’s a  cardigan or a V-neck, couple these sweaters with your button downs for a look that is not only appropriate for your office but for afterword drinks as well. The other great thing about the sweater is their versatility. Having a good collection of sweaters affords you the opportunity to change up your style, color pallet and general look as often as you see fit. They’re an easy addition to your wardrobe that can have a major impact on your overall appearance.



Sometimes it can be monotonous wearing the same few suits all the time. However, push yourself and break the suit up a bit. Rock a grey blazer with the blue dress pants and vice versa. If you have a more relaxed office,  pair a great cuffed pair of denim with that blazer.


There’s been an ever-increasing popularity of cool socks.  Whether it’s a bright neon color, a print, or a cool pattern, socks are no longer just hidden in shoes. GO AS CRAZY AS YOU WANT HERE. Its just enough a pop to warrant attention.

As always, feel free to email me your sartorial inquiries and suggestions. Also, let’s do something different today … fellas, after you finish reading the post, I want y’all to tell us all what you’re rocking in the office today. Keep it real, if you’re having a swagless day, say so. And if you’re feeling extra fresh, let us know too.



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