I don’t know how many of you know this but I love sleep. It’s awesome. What’s not to like? I can escape to a dreamlike world loosely based on the concept behind the movie Inception. Most days I only have 8 hours to enjoy this nocturnal state of euphoria and I don’t take kindly to strangers, friends, family or foes coming between us. Real talk, I cannot date a woman that won’t let me get 6 – 8 hours of quality sleep. During the week my bedtime is 10pm. This is non-negotiable. However, if for whatever reason you manage to keep me up past 10pm it better not be to talk because we will have a problem. Sleep has become so important to me that I think any woman that would expect me to choose between her and sleep is going to be gravely disappointed. Let’s be clear, depriving me of sleep is a deal breaker. Word to Obama.

I felt so passionate about this particular subject that I made a video blog for SingleBlackMale.org’s video series entitled, Let Sleeping Men Lie. Check it out below. Mobile viewers can click here. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section but be forewarned that anyone who disagrees with the content of this video is wrong. THIS IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE!

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– WisdomIsMisery