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Here we go again, Byron Thomas (@ByronThomas7) posted a video which appeared on CNN that features him saying that Africa and America are two separate “countries” #blankstare and that Black Americans should only represent America and not Africa. Well, my initial reaction is that you can tell something is wrong with this kid because look in the background of that picture. All I can say is RIP for his mentions and his reputation, forever. Good riddance. Check out the text of his video below, and I’ve included a link for the video. We’ve got to do better Black people, we need to come together, not apart. While I understand the need for Black Americans to realize that they are citizens of the United States of America, we are also displaced African peoples living in America. For that very reason, it is almost imperative that we never forget that we are African-American, not just American.

“Hello my name is Byron Thomas and America here we GO AGAIN!!! Why can’t our Black American athletes represent only one country??? Our Black American athletes are representing the United States of America: Team USA. They are not representing Africa!!! It’s making me sick to my ears hearing the word African American during the Olympics. Now when Gabby won gold and made history in women’s gymnastics, she won that gold medal for the United States of America!!! She did not win that gold medal for Africa nor was she born in Africa. She was born in America, trained in America, and represents America. She is the FIRST Black American to win gold in women’s gymnastics. Also, when Michael Phelps made history with his three peat, you didn’t hear the commentators saying he was the first German American or Italian American. No, they said he was the first American to three peat. I just don’t understand why we still have to be called African Americans, especially during the Olympics. Africa has their athletes and none of our Team USA athletes are representing Africa or making history for Africa. Let African Athletes represent Africa. The color of my skin WILL NOT define me. Plus there are White Africans too!!! We are all Americans. Look, no one originally was born in America, our past migrated over here, but that doesn’t mean we have to be identified by where our past came from. Just for the record the first Africans brought to America WAS NOT SLAVES!!! Again, America when I hear the word African American all I can think of is two countries Africa and America. I’m not African; I’m a 100% American. I am the same as any White American. Point blank if you are born in America, then you are 100% American. Kill People With Kindness and May God Bless America.”

Check out the full video here.

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– Dr. J