Over the weekend, I had a conversation with a group of my guy friends and I said the following:

“God gave women a rib, but he gave us strength and power to get away from women when they act out of pocket.”

I truly believe that statement which is why I’ll never condone putting my hands or any man putting their hands on a woman. That policy goes for everything too. Not just being the first person to act, or even being attacked and acting in retaliation. I just don’t think men should put their hands on women. Now it’s a lot of men and women who stand on each side of the argument. There are truly some women out there who think there are times when it’s okay to put your hands on a woman. Just last week, I was chilling with a group of women when one of them exclaimed:

“It’s just certain things I know not to say to my man, (but she said the dude I’m talking to, because you know how that goes), because he’ll beat my ass.”

A Case of Man Putting His Hands on a Woman –

I was so confused. How could you date someone with that type of potential inside of them? Not me, no sir, no way. Anyway, today this video of this bus driver is making its rounds around the Internet. It features a bus driver annoyed at a passenger and when he reacts. In the words of Bernie Mac, he beat her to the white meat. Plenty of people are laughing at this video, I find it disgusting. Not only is it a man putting his hands on a woman, but the guy is clearly much older than the girl. Not cool in my book.

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But don’t let me be the judge, you take a look at the video and then let me know your thoughts as well. Do you think he was justified in his actions? Can you think of a time that would warrant a man putting his hands on a woman?  I can’t, but maybe you can.

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Dr. J