Here are the top news headlines that may interest you for Tuesday, April 30th, 2013. Read, be informed, discuss, and prosper.

internet-13-650x0The Right to Know Act “A long-overdue bill in the California legislature, “The Right to Know Act,” would force companies such as Google and Facebook to reveal what personal information they have collected and how it’s being used.”

Georgia School 1st Integrated Prom “Organized by four students — two white, two black — who decided to end their community’s decades-old tradition of hosting two private “separate but equal” proms for black and white kids, the 1st annual Wilcox County Integrated Promtook place last Saturday night…”

Foreign-Born Kids in the U.S. Develop Fewer Allergies “Kids living in the U.S. who were born elsewhere are 59 percent less likely to have allergic diseases, but their risk increases with time spent in the country.”

Gabourey Sidibe joins cast of ‘American Horror Story’ 3 “Ryan Murphy, American Horror Story co-creator, took to his Twitter account to announce that Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe will be joining the cast of season 3.”

Washington’s Backward Retirement Policy “The latest projection by the Social Security Board of Trustees is that the trust funds will be exhausted in 2033. At that point, payouts will be limited to the amount brought in by payroll taxes–which means that everyone’s benefits will fall by about 25 percent.”

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