Here are the top news headlines that may interest you for Thursday, May 9th, 2013. Read, be informed, discuss, and prosper.

Ariel-Castro-jpgThe Ariel Castro Letter “Cleveland police have found, inside the house where he is alleged to have kept at least three young women captive for ten years, a 2004 letter written by Ariel Castro, 19 Action News’ Scott Taylor reports.”

Ariel Castro Charged “Ariel Castro, 52, is charged with four counts of kidnapping, covering the captives and the daughter born to one of them, and three counts of rape against all three women, prosecutor Victor Perez said. He will make his first public appearance in court Thursday.”

First Lady Speaks About Cleveland Kidnapping “”When first lady Michelle Obama heard the stunning news that three women missing for a decade had been found alive in Cleveland, she reacted just like any other mom…”

New Online Sales Tax Passed “This bill is about fairness. It’s about leveling the playing field between the brick-and-mortar and online companies, and it’s about collecting a tax that’s already due. It’s not about raising taxes.”

Teen Arrested for IED “A housekeeper in Tempe, Arizona, was cleaning the room of 18-year-old high school senior Joshua Prater when she stumbled upon an improvised explosive device.”

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