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HBO has outdone themselves with the summer series Documentary called “Americans In Bed.” Americans In Bed chronicles ten couples and their stories of love and how they arrived at that place. The beauty of this documentary is not so much in the content covered, but in the variety of the couples. Just to name a few, you have a couple married for seventy-one years, a lesbian couple, a gay couple, and a Muslim couple. The Muslim couple didn’t even hold hands until they were married. There’s even a couple where the man wants to be poly-amorous and the woman is adamant about monogamy.

As I said previously, there are a plethora of scenarios here, but a couple things really jumped out at me while watching.

Sacrifice/ Compromise – Sacrifice is a huge quality that you would see throughout this film. There was an older married couple in which the husband could no longer function sexually. The wife doesn’t cheat, she instead chooses to take care of herself manually. To my wet-behind-the-ears self, I’m like sheesh! how do you deal?! It’s pretty shortsighted to think that way but I know I couldn’t be the only one.

There’s another situation in which the woman who is pro monogamy allows her partner to be involved with someone else if he sees fit. This isn’t an easy pill for me to swallow…it wouldn’t be at least. She shows great compromise in that situation. Most of you ladies might say she’s pretty damn stupid. Still, many women stay with men after they cheat on them anyway. It’s almost one in the same.

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My Opinion

If nothing else, the documentary shows me that everyone has different definitions of love. The oldest husband in the film said that he didn’t know what love was exactly, but whatever it was he had it for his woman. I thought that was profound. You go with that gut feeling I suppose. People worry too much about how other people define their relationship. That’s really only for you and your partner to do. Whatever your arrangement, you exhaust the hell out of that arrangement. If you feel you love someone but you can’t totally articulate it to someone else, it’s no problem. To these couples love has many meanings. This film gave me a very complete view of how enduring love can be. When treated properly you can experience the joys all these couples are experiencing today.

I promise I didn’t give everything away, if you can give this film a try. If nothing else it’ll open your mind up a bit. Maybe it would help you with something you’re currently dealing with.

Have you seen the film? What do you think about some of the couples I mentioned? Let’s talk about it.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

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