Its Friday again … so time to release so stress at the end of the week.

  • I haven’t admitted it … but I love white women.  My last girlfriend was caucasian and while I do date black women, they have continued to depress me and convince me why I will marry a white woman.  Last black woman I dated, asked her to make me a sandwhich … and she laughed.  My ex was making me them after 2 weeks.  Would have made a whole post on it … but thats doing too much.
  • I barely go to the club anymore.  I feel like I’m way too young to have outgrown the club, but damn if it just doesn’t do it for me.  I used to love crowded clubs (I’m a big guy so I just moved people) … but now I can’t stand people touching me.  Its hot, I want to sit down, and damn if girls at the club don’t even do it for me.  Besides … women aint touching their toes anymore … whats the point.
  • I was joking about the white woman thing.  I love my Nubian Queens (unless your an angry bitter b*tch … can’t stand ya’ll).
  • I miss my old car.  I had an Acura TL, sold her for something “practical”, then got so bored I bought a motorcycle.  Now I miss her … soooooooo much!
  • I really love breasts.  I just don’t understand why so many guys are ass men.  I will admit that a great ass can make you double take quicker then nice breasts … but when it matters (sex) … the breasts offer hours of fun.  You can push em up … down … around … squish them together … pull them apart … the options are endless.  An ass … you can smack it … what else?
  • “My Dougie … My Dougie … My Dougie … she says she likes my Dougie (I’m fresh) … My Dougie (I’m Fresh) … I’m Flyer than a motherf*cker!”
  • My “first” didn’t believe I was a virgin.  She refused to believe that I had never had sex with anyone else.  You would think hearing something like that could make you lazy … happy … complacement.  But not me … felt like I had a bar to meet now.  Just so she never saw a “degradation” in quality, I analyzed everything I did, identified the good things, and dropped the bad.  That is the reason I now waaaaaayyyyyyy overthink sex.  I guess the satisfaction of others at the cost of myself … eh.
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Thats it for me.  I feel a lot better.

Now … good people of … family … whats on your mentally checked out, is it 5 o’clock yet, I don’t want to be here, the weekend started at 9am, ITS FRRRIDDDDAAAYYY mind.